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    Do I have a really expensive iPod Touch?

    OK, last Friday I upgraded my jailbroken 1.1.1 iPhone to 1.1.2, thus breaking my jailbreak. Last night I found instructions to downgrade back to 1.1.1 and then upgrade to a jailbroken 1.1.2 install, which I did. Since last night I have not been able to connect to the EDGE network. Today while...
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    Jailbreak software for 1.1.2 released by Dev Team

    I tried it in Leopard and it kept telling me that the iPhone was not connected to my system. So, I tried it in Windows XP (via VMWare Fusion) and it worked like a charm. Time consuming, but I now have a 1.1.2 jailbreaked iPhone with on the springboard so life is good :)
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    Why no "Easy" Mac OS jailbreak yet? (AKA: AppTapp)

    So why is it that the Mac users out there are still waiting for a relatively easy method of jailbreaking when the Windows guys have had the ability for a while now? ( I am lucky I...
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    How about those of us who don't want to jailbreak but want apps on 1.1.1

    Actually you DO have an interest in jailbreaking :) Jailbreaking the phone isn't the same as unlocking it. Jailbreaking it is what is done to unlock the file system and allow you to install all of the 3rd party apps. Jailbreaking and unlocking are two totally different things :)
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    Hooooooooooly ^&*( Batman

    And you haven't downgraded back to 1.0.2 because? I tried 1.1.1 and while the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store was pretty neat, along with the double space for period and double tap home for Favorites and iPod Controls, I missed my 3rd Party apps and downgraded back to 1.0.2 as soon as instructions for...
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    Woz signed my iPhone!

    No, he serves no official role. Just thought it was cool since he and Jobs co-founded Apple.
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    Woz signed my iPhone!

    Yeah, I wish I could figure out a way to get Jobs to sign it also. I was considering ordering an InvisiShield for the phone and just put on the body cover, not the screen cover (I've read bad things about the screen cover)
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    Woz signed my iPhone!

    Hehe, yep, I've got it. I recorded it off TV when it originally aired and thought I lost it a few years back. Found it one day digging through old VHS tapes and dubbed it over to DVD. I have seen it for sale on like Amazon and wouldn't mind picking it up. I thought Anthony Michael Hall and...
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    Woz signed my iPhone!

    I know this is pretty lame in a lot of people's eyes, but as a guy who has always worked with computers and loves Apple computers, it was a big deal to me :) Was at a conference this week where Woz was the keynote speaker. In the evening he was doing book signings, so I picked up a copy of...
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    Did you trade your mods for the 1.1.1 update?

    For 2 days yes, but I quickly missed my apps and downgraded back to 1.0.2
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    The Apple Store is DOWN??

    New look to the site, and it now says that the iPod Touch is now shipping instead of "Ships By Sept. 28".
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    Best of AppTapp?

    Yeah that would be me :)
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    Downloading CSV files, TXT files etc

    The iPhone never has (and probably never will be) targeted at businesss users. Its not meant to be a BlackBerry killer.
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    Important: Default Carrier Logo

    Yeah I know, it messed it up on mine too. However, an update came out tonight and also a couple of image packs via Installer that fully replace the default logo so that it has both the white and dark grey logos. Trust me, load those up and you'll be all fixed :)
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    Important: Default Carrier Logo

    If you have load Customize and the extra art packs for it, they include the default AT&T logo as well as several other ones.
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    Could the 1.1.1 delay be to add MORE new features?

    Delay?!?! What delay would you be referring to? Nobody (except for rumor mongers) ever said anything about when 1.1.1 would be released. It will come out when it comes out and it will have whatever features it has. End of story.
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    Carrier Logo PICK UP ONLY

    bump request
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    Carrier Logo Request Thread

    Logo Request - Thanks in advance Could I please get the attached logo turned into a carrier logo? Thanks!
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    New App - Customize ( aka Dock Swap )

    EDIT: Figured out how to get this to work. Name the lighter of the 2 logos "logo.png" and the darker of the 2 logos "logo-1.png" and place them in the same folder. Then you will get the proper color changes accordingly. I love it except it doesn't let you change both the light and the dark...
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    What 3rd party software do u think the iPhone should have?

    I'd like to see a mod/app that will let you suppress SMS messages. I hate it when you're showing off the iPhone to somebody and a text pops up in the middle of the screen. It is nice that they gave us a way to suppress the messages when the phone is locked, but it would be nice to do the same...