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  1. three_green

    Put Yer Money (Store Credit) Where Your Mouth Is

    Actually, I see it from the opposite side: How many of those slamming Apple and Jobs, saying it was a matter of "principle" that they shouldn't lower the price so soon, and are still unhappy with anything less than the $200 difference, are planning to refuse the $100 store credit? Shouldn't you...
  2. three_green

    How can i monitor my desktop computer from my iPhone?

    Wow! ORB looks great, but I'm not at my home PC right now to try it. I can hardly wait to give it a try. When you say it's crazy fast, are you streaming music or video? I would love to be able to stream movies, since I can only fit about 3 of them on my 8GB (along with about 4GB of music:wink:)
  3. three_green

    can we sync Yahoo calendar with iPhone?

    Me too! Surely Apple and Yahoo are working on this. I'm using the new Yahoo beta for mail, but Yahoo doesn't have a "new and improved" version of the calendar yet. Hopefully they're working on it, and maybe the iPhone will sync when it comes :crossfingers:
  4. three_green

    How did you copy your contacts to your iPhone?

    Same thing, but I typed mine into Yahoo
  5. three_green

    Good Battery ONLY if you never use iPod

    Your getting negative replies here because you immediately bash the iPhone and insinuate that all iPhones have poor battery life. You should have simply asked if this was normal. If your battery life is as poor as you say, you should be returning the iPhone or filing a warranty claim with...
  6. three_green

    Are any of you getting customizing your iPhone?

    Pretty cool that they'll even do your dock and earbuds. I wonder how scratch resistant the finish is.
  7. three_green

    What did the iPhone look like in 2005?

    I just found this concept that looks amazingly like the real thing. At least it's the closest concept of all the ones I've seen.
  8. three_green

    Do you use a case?

    If your using BestSkinEver, your not nekked - your wearing a see-through negligee :laugh2:
  9. three_green

    Anyone else see how pointless "Slide to Unlock" is?

    I agree with you completely. I think Apple should put waaaay more options in the settings so we can use our iPhone the way we want
  10. three_green

    What Kind Of Video Do You Have On Your iPhone?

    I convert DVD's that I own to a format that will play on the iPhone. I use Handbrake and DVD43 to convert the DVD's. :2cool:
  11. three_green

    $350 for an iPhone?

    Jeez :rolleyes:, is this becoming a "how to steal an iPhone" forum. This is the second thread on page 1 asking for advice on how to avoid detection of a stolen iPhone.
  12. three_green

    Is it possible to active an iPhone twice?

    LOL Filing a false claim = insurance fraud = stealing an iPhone :laugh2:
  13. three_green

    DVD to iPhone Conversion for the Technology Challanged (Like Me!)

    I'm glad you found something that works for you. :smile:
  14. three_green

    The iPhone is more fiction than reality

    Oric has some valid points, and I have discovered several more! I used to like my iPhone, but I discovered these terrible shortcomings: 1. When I tried to bake cookies in it, they came out all doughey - not soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside like I like them. 2. When I connect it to...
  15. three_green

    Official Using Handbrake for DVD to iPhone Conversion discussion

    Thanks for the tutorial Chris! :2cool: Because I'm using the Windows version of Handbrake (on Vista), even with your tutorial I was having a REAL hard time getting Handbrake to work - so much so that I gave up and started looking for other solutions. I tried a bunch of them and was semi-happy...
  16. three_green

    Official Using Handbrake for DVD to iPhone Conversion discussion

    Try putting DVD43 into Google and hit "I'm Feeling Lucky" :smile: (I hope this isn't against forum rules) :wink: P.S. DVD43 works great in Vista, even though it says it's for Win2K and WinXP only
  17. three_green

    Drop-Proof Case/Skin. Help please.

    I don't know about BodyGuardz, but BestSkinsEver does cover the chrome. I love the fit of the BestSkinsEver, but it seems to be collecting an awful lot of fuzz while in my pocket (see this thread). I hope the "fuzz collecting" subsides.
  18. three_green

    Strange glitch while using iPod feature on iPhone

    That is weird! Mine does the same thing (I just tried it).
  19. three_green

    My iPhone is now a fire hazard!

    I put on my skin from BestSkinsEver last night. I'm really impressed by the fit. So I pull it out of my pocket this morning and the damn thing is covered in little fuzzy lint! Who knew I even had so much lint in my pockets?! If I get my iPhone near a spark it's liable to go up in flames...
  20. three_green

    iPhone 3G Size and Battery Life Analysis

    So when you have Wifi turned off "until you need it", are you using EDGE instead to surf the internet?