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  1. qnc

    Love this weather app Farenheit

    Nice! Some new apps for me to get. :D Thanks for the reply. 6 degrees ouch. I'm crying about 20.
  2. qnc

    Love this weather app Farenheit

    Just being curious, as I'm a weather junkie myself, what weather apps do you have on your phone? I don't want to thread jack so if you want, you can PM me the list to keep the thread on track about the current discussion.
  3. qnc

    Need Help transferring music

    Unfortunately it will wipe it out. There may be other ways to do it, but I took the hard drive out of my old computer and placed it in an enclosure. I mounted it to my new computer and I was able to copy the music from old hard drive to new computer. I was able to copy apps an videos as well...
  4. qnc

    SMS ringtones

    When you say personalize are you talking about changeing the default to something else or having a SMS tone for a single contact. coolkendude was correct that you would need a jailbroken phone. I just made SMS messages and wrote over the original with the same name to get my own personal...
  5. qnc

    Blocking Calls and Texts From Individual Phone Numbers (UK)

    Every app available to do this needs a jailbroken iPhone.
  6. qnc

    Need Help - Phone Broken?

    What was the fix? Had to restore my wifes iPhone for the same problem.
  7. qnc

    how to transfer files from PC to iPhone without internet connection

    Disk aid should have worked. Is your phone jailbroken? If it is do you have iFile installed or at least terminal to view the file structure? When you used disk aid where did you save the files? What directory?
  8. qnc

    Much better now!

    Good luck probably going to do mine tonight. Just getting off work. Mine has been a little slow. I would still like to keep weather icon also so I'll see how it goes.
  9. qnc

    Much better now!

    goto and get the ipsw They have all of them listed. Also make sure you down load the firmware that has 1,2 this is for the 3G iPhone.
  10. qnc

    Much better now!

    @canamera whe you say restore from back up are you restoring firmware first then restoring settings from backup made in iTunes. @tate make sure that you have the 3.1.2 firmware saved on your computer somewhere. hold down the shift key or alt key and hit restore. It will allow you to pick the...
  11. qnc

    Help me get my YouTube back!

    I apologize about the free push fix info.
  12. qnc

    Help me get my YouTube back!

    Unfortunately since Apple is not signing 3.1.2 anymore. YOu will not be able to save you SHSH file, but push fix should help as mentioned above. Free in cydia.
  13. qnc

    I am frustrated with this problem!

    @Sezabo, Do you have another computer to try the upgrade on? I had problem and used another computer with success.
  14. qnc

    Transfer contacts in iPhone to computer

    An option i have used is to downaload Synthesis syncML from Appstore. Get an account from (I have tried other sites but this seems to work the best for me) enter your settings and sync your contacts. I used this since 2.0 as a backup to the contacts saved on my Mac. I have had to...
  15. qnc

    email smtp

    What aboiut a Gmail account? Here is what I do: my current fastmail account (free one) does not let me send email from that address. I set up a gmail account and just use the smtp server to send emails. works on wifi and edge no issues.
  16. qnc

    iPhone 2g stuck at boot screen

    plug it into you computer then hold the home and power buttons until the phone turns off then release the power button and continue to hold the home button. iTunes should recognize the phone. iTunes will say phone is in restore mode but your screen should be dark. this is DFU mode.
  17. qnc

    Jailbreak for 3.0

    use redsn0w 0.72. this is what worked for me on mt 2G with 3.0. make sure you use 0.72 not 0.80 0.80 did not work for me and other people had an issue with it also. Also I was on a mac. when I did this.
  18. qnc

    need help on a 2g jailbreak

    what firmware did you upgrade to. I'm assuming 3.1. since you are on a 2G just down load the new pwnage tool and jailbreak and unlock. Pwnage tool is for mac only at this time. A windows version is suppost to come out soon.