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    iPhone TV Commercial Tonight...

    Here is a direct link to the commercial:
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    iPhone TV Commercial Tonight...
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    iPhone hidden details - interesting find!

    This shows some interesting hidden details on the iPhone that we did not see during the MacWorld presentation. I wonder if this is all we'll see when the iPhone is released. Cannot wait for this to come out.
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    Prada phone video!

    Here is the Prada phone in a sample video. Personally, I think it is weak, but the touchscreen is nice.
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    Is the iPhone GSM?

    I have heard it will be available in bot the Cingular stores and the Apple stores, but time will tell...
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    What computer do you have?

    I have a black MacBook 2GB RAM, 2GHz Intel Core Duo, 80 GB Hard Drive, with PArallels and Windows XP Pro (unfortunately still need this for my BlackBerry software - but soon that will not ne necessary!). I love this system, but I am selling it to replace it with a newer one - a white 2GHz Intel...
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    Is the iPhone GSM?

    Many of these questions can be answered by watching the Keynote Address. In it, Steve describes the Proximity Sensor which is in the earpiece. It senses when the iPhone is close to an object, and then automatically turns off the screen for two reasons - to conserve battery life, and to prevent...
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    iPhone - business or pleasure?

    I tend to think they will devise a method for PC users to sync with Outlook. As stated above either through MarkSpace or something similar, or even an Apple app. They still want to keep close relations with PC users, trying to sway them all the way, so why not offer compatibility with Outlook...
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    New UK Mac ads...

    Japanese ones too...
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    New UK Mac ads...

    Check em out
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    Imposter! I hope this one never comes to life...

    Check out this photo fo the Meizu M8. Hopefully this is a fake: Read the article here.
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    Will you be getting an iPhone?

    It's a no-brainer for me. I hope to be the first consumer in my town to get one. I am already shmoozing the local Cingular stores. And there is a corporate HQ here (Redmond, WA), so maybe I can get an EDGE up!
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    iPhone headset

    No, I definitely don't think it has been tested, but they may have more than just BT 2.0 similarities to claim they are compatible. Or, like you said, it just may be that simplistic.
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    iPhone Cases

    I have reviewed several cases from different manufacturers over at (I am currently a BlackBerry addict, waiting for the iPhone to sweep me off my feet in June), and I have already contacted a few of them in preparation for the iPhone case line. One of them is actually...
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    iPhone headset

    Check out this find: Bluetooth headset claiming to be iPhone compatible
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    iPhone as luxurious remote?

    To put it as nicely as possible, you are wrong. In the past that has been very true, but over the most recent years Macs hav come down significantly in price while maintainng the high standards they always have. The only caveat to that is when you start including the low-end PCs in the mix. It...
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    Everyone is jumping to early conclusions. Anyne who knows Steve and his love of the surprise announcements will realize that there are several features yet to be dislosed. I am certain that in either the first model or one shortly thereafter there will be larger models and/or expandable memory...
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    iPhone as luxurious remote?

    It's almost silly nowadays to even think of buying a PC. With Parallels and Boot Camp, it's like you said - the best of both worlds. Get the Mac, you'll thank me later. :laugh2:
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    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    Hi all! I'm new to these forums, but not new to PDAs or forums elsewhere. I look forward to being helpful as well as learning a lot from everyone else. Seattle18