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  1. Matt-Helm

    I was duped! My iPhone won't sync with Outlook!

    You might wanna make sure Outlook 2003/2007 is closed when you install iTunes. I had an issue with 2007 not syncing because of this. I rebooted.. did a repair install of iTunes, docked the iPhone and everything worked. I left outlook closed the first time i started up iTunes and docked after the...
  2. Matt-Helm

    Activation times only to get worse as the night goes on?

    First i thought i had to swap my sim from my 8525... but i just downloaded iTunes and docked the iPhone and 2 minutes later it was activated. So that means there's already a sim card in the phone?
  3. Matt-Helm

    Phone Message

    Noice :) :) :) :)
  4. Matt-Helm

    David Pogue's Video Review Reveals the iPhone back scratches, but not the front

    I never carry a case or a use a screen protector! It's naked or nothing... but if i did it would HAVE to be Vaja! They just make the best looking cases hands down. Looks like they already have the iPhone in mind ;)
  5. Matt-Helm

    Set-up iPhone on different computer than my own?

    I hope those fine people at EphPod have something brewing for iPhone... the thought of "having" to use iTunes kind of sucks for me. I don't mind registering the phone through iTunes.. but i'm so use to using Ephpod for setting up my playlists and whatnot.
  6. Matt-Helm

    This Time Tomorrow What Will You Be Doing?

    Nobody at my company even gives a poop about the iPhone.. but than again i'm the IT guy.... Hard to say whats going to happen tomorrow in our neck of the woods. I did manage to take the day off though ;)
  7. Matt-Helm

    This Time Tomorrow What Will You Be Doing?

    Heh :) I work on commerce right where mercantile runs into commerce. small world! I'm gonna cruise around tomorrow and see whats up. There's a new AT&T store in Garfield right off of 480 before the valley view bridge that might be a good spot. I'm just thinking that Legacy is going to be a...
  8. Matt-Helm

    This Time Tomorrow What Will You Be Doing?

    Heh :) I work in beachwood live in shaker.. i was thinking about Legacy, but i'm going to take my chance with the AT&T on Chagrin or Mayfield. ;)
  9. Matt-Helm

    Call your AT&T tonight...IMPORTANT

    I just called 5 AT&T's that are within 10 miles of me and all of them said it's FCFS@6pm
  10. Matt-Helm

    any bad reviews are good for us

    I think the data speed is the only thing i'm going to miss as well. I have an 8525 running WM6 and i'm getting 894 kbit/sec in the cleveland area. I'm not a heavy data user.. it's nice though when i want to kill some time and watch Cingular Video or You Tube.
  11. Matt-Helm

    Videos and pictures from the iPhone Lines

    Just think if you actually had your iPhone you could watch the youtube clips of yourself... waiting... in... line.... and.. ummmm my head is going to explode if i continue with this thought.
  12. Matt-Helm

    honestly, people will find anything to complain about...not me

    I'm just curious to see how the voice quality is compared to a Nokia.....