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  1. tuckerbball

    What do u think?

    I got my iPhone stolen a few weeks ago. Then i went to the att store and they gave me a loaner phone. That phone did not hold a charge so i went in there and got a blackberry and the guy told us we would be able to come back in 30 days and return it for the iPhone do u think this will change for...
  2. tuckerbball

    WWDC Keynote

    But what i want to no if Apple is going to have live coverage like they did at macworld last yr
  3. tuckerbball

    WWDC Keynote

    I think that the keynote at WWDC is at 10:00 am pacific time on monday? Correct me if I am wrong, but I wanted to no if anyone has heard if you can watch it live on Apples website? Because i don't want to go over the internet and see what the specs are. I want to watch it first. Another thing if...
  4. tuckerbball

    Newb Question About 3G

    I am not sure but i think they have been extending there coverage this past yr.
  5. tuckerbball

    Can i do anything if i forgot my passcode

    Today i cheeked it and it sayed connect to iTunes and i did but when i did it say iPhone is passcode locked and it will not even sync so i don't no wut to do
  6. tuckerbball

    Can i do anything if i forgot my passcode

    Ok today i was out to eat with my friend and i put a passcode on because i did not want them to mess with it before i went to the bathroom and then when i got in the car his little sister tried to get in it and i did not see her then when i got it back i could not remember the code and then i...
  7. tuckerbball

    Invisible Shield for iPhone Video Review

    I put mine on and it took a long time but it does not make me so paranoid as i was i was wiping the sceen with my shirt everytime i used it now it has no smuges or scraches. Im so happy i got it.
  8. tuckerbball

    What was your last phone before the iPhone?

    The crappiest nokia on the maket i got it for free and never kept it on because it was not every charged or i just did not like to use it i hated it:angry:.
  9. tuckerbball

    Setup Voicemail and now people cannot call my iPhone

    i went to the att store because i had that problem and they sent a network update which fixed the this call can not be completed as dailed and i had another problem with the long distance numbers all the numbers that were not long distance would come up 11 1 (areacode) 765-9876 (example not real...
  10. tuckerbball

    How Long Did You Wait?

    4 hours 6th in line and got 2 8gbs
  11. tuckerbball

    How much will Applecare cost?

    I asked to he said he didn't no too
  12. tuckerbball

    So how is the web browser via WiFi?

    it is very fast and it is slot better than edge nice. Goes as fast as a laptop on wifi easiest device i have used in a while
  13. tuckerbball

    "In-Line" Thread

    im going in a sec like at 2 it is 1:36 right now wish me luck there is 100+ people at Apple im going to att with 2 people so ill get one
  14. tuckerbball

    visual voicemail downloaded?

    thanks for the not confusing explanation
  15. tuckerbball

    visual voicemail downloaded?

    wut do u mean deposit
  16. tuckerbball

    Straight from the horse's mouth. New At&t iPhone page

    Ya it is thanks for all your help.
  17. tuckerbball

    Straight from the horse's mouth. New At&t iPhone page

    So if i'm not eligibal for an upgrade i can just get the phone with someone 18 or older and get a contract extension
  18. tuckerbball

    Wallstreet Journal Review

    thanks for posting nice find
  19. tuckerbball

    Synching iPhone with 2 computers, 2 users and 2 iPhones

    idk but welcome to ei