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  1. fijiman

    iPhone 7 What is your favorite wireless headphones/earphones

    Aftershokz Trekz Titanium Bluetooth Headphones These work via "bone conduction" it works well, the best headphones I've owned so far.
  2. fijiman

    Screen unresponsive to touch

    Seems to be a really common problem....
  3. fijiman

    iPhone 6s iPhone was in water for 30 minutes. Help!

    Putting phone in rice is utter rubbish...just pot luck if it works after a rice dipping.. Send your phone to Jessa for a quality data recovery service..
  4. fijiman

    iPhone 6s iPhone 6s & 6s Plus Pre-order and Tracking

    I'm planning a visit to New York in November, can someone tell me if I can buy(cash) an iPhone(sim free) from the Apple store without a signing up to a phone line contract ? I'd like to take advantage of the exchange rate. Visiting the U.S Apple store online, it always wants me to select a...
  5. fijiman

    What is this pop-up that says Shake to Screenshot?

    Do you use " iheartradio " app....? as this has been mentioned as the probable cause...?
  6. fijiman

    How to install Cydia Substrate?

    Cydia Substrate only partially works...not yet fully stable with iOS8.x.... install tweaks that don't rely on Cydia Substrate...Cydia Substrate can be downloaded via Cydia...which can be installed via SSH after jailbreak has taken place...
  7. fijiman

    Is there a stable Jailbreak for iOS 7.1.2 for iPhone 5?

    Deleting files necessary for a jailbreak is a disaster waiting to happen....
  8. fijiman

    What's The "Over/Under" on iOS 8 Jailbreak?

    You'll find a jailbreak(for iOS8) is proportional to the lengh of a piece of
  9. fijiman

    Dock iPad/iPhone Mac OSX style

    Dock will open in the same orientation as you iDevice be it in portrait or landscape view.
  10. fijiman

    No luck with pangu 1.1.0

    'Setting' the date in settings is used as a trigger for Pangu to continue with the jailbreak process, by exiting early, you could be derailing the success of your jailbreak..... it's funny you finally hit success after following the precise steps.
  11. fijiman

    No luck with pangu 1.1.0

    No disrespect but the Pangu instructions don't ask/state you 'exit' after changing the date.... so why would you deviate from the simple instructions..........jailbreak fails tend to be more user error than actual jailbreak software failure. @michael180 try from the start again, a clean install...
  12. fijiman

    iOS 7.1.2 Has Been Released and is Jailbreakable

    Even if you don't trust the compatibility function of PKGbackup you can still manually select which Cydia goodies get installed or not... personally I don't use the compatibility option, I like the way all the setting/options I previously selected for individual tweaks are remembered, it saves a...
  13. fijiman

    iOS 7.1.2 Has Been Released and is Jailbreakable

    It may auto backup...but it doesn't stop you selecting a previous backup...if worried about installing older backup that may not be compatible with present firmware, PKGbackup has the option to check(and not install) compatibility. Like any tool, you need to know how to use it to get the best...
  14. fijiman

    iOS 7.1.2 Has Been Released and is Jailbreakable

    Thats because you used the English version of Pangu...that option has been removed... Does no one use PKGbackup anymore..? still find it the easiest method around.
  15. fijiman

    iPod Classic Hard drive Upgrade

    There are a lot of "How to" vids on YouTube on opening the classic.... I found the 7th gen model the toughest as they seem to have locking tangs holding down the screen....bought the cheapest opening plastic tools on eBay to minimize any damage.....if you plan to open your classic maybe swap out...
  16. fijiman

    iPod Classic Hard drive Upgrade

    Decided buy off eBay some iPod Classics, a 4th,5th and 7th generation model. All 3 models were dirt cheap as they were listed under the "spares and repairs" banner due to suspected hard drive failures, the idea was to trash the hard drives and fit new/used solid state alternatives. the 7th...
  17. fijiman

    Unable to exit safe mode after resetting all settings

    Bite the bullet...backup iPhone with iTunes and restore....jailbreak again and re-install all your Cydia goodies..
  18. fijiman

    Question About Cydia Purchases

    Fixed paying for Cydia apps/tweaks via PayPal's phone and pin option.
  19. fijiman

    7.1.1 Jailbreak Released Today

    Modmyi article touched on this.....
  20. fijiman

    7.1.1 Jailbreak Released Today

    Some credible sites are reporting that the "unchecking" of the box that installs the Chinese PPSync option.....still installs the badly written software but just doesn't show it on the iDevice.... REPO : from this repo you can install "Complete PPSync Remover" to...