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  1. Shak02

    3GS mount with already installed LCD screen

    I have a Jenson 7" motorized screen in my 01 civic and it looks like a suction cup mount to the windshield wouldn't work while the screen is out (which it usually is) so I was wondering what the best mount would be for my situation...i also don't think the vent mount would work either so any...
  2. Shak02

    App with wrong icon?

    This is a weird problem to have but my ZEN Pinball has a PocketDyno picture and its buggin me but Ill wait for an update or something instead of restoring the phone and then have it happen to me again
  3. Shak02

    What case did you get for your new phone?

    I got the matte black incase slider and so far its the best case ive ever owned of any of my iPhone cases which was about 4 of makes the phone look really nice in it and is hard enough but light enough to protect it while it doesn't bulk up
  4. Shak02

    iPhone screen is lifted on the left side?

    I agree with Adam
  5. Shak02

    3G vs 3GS side by side video

    I tried loading from my 3G at the same time as he does it in this video and the one in the video takes WAAAYYY too 3G was done pretty quickly not on wifi so i don't think this test was done correctly even though the 3GS definitely is faster and wish i had one...still waiting...
  6. Shak02

    Who ordered from AT&T and have you got shipped date yet?

    So does that give me a reason to still look out for the good ole UPS guy?
  7. Shak02

    Who ordered from AT&T and have you got shipped date yet?

    I have the same thing and I also ordered on the 11th and my tracking info says its scheduled for the 22nd so I guess Monday it is...Enjoy your 3GS' everyone...I can live with my 3G for another few days
  8. Shak02

    Share with us your 3GS activation story

    Unfortunately I am in New York, not in Texas...I keep hearing trucks outside my house but I have to realize that today is not the day
  9. Shak02

    AT&T pre-order not received

    I ordered on the 11th and finally got the confirmation email late last night and it says its coming on the 22nd...WTF
  10. Shak02

    Share with us your 3GS activation story

    Wish i could give u an activation story but my phone is still in Texas and was garunteed to come today...not happenin...thanks AT&T ruined iDay 09
  11. Shak02

    What would you do?

    I had a "dead pixel" on my 3G when i first got it but it went away actually over a period of about a day or i would use it as is and if it is still there after a day or 2 then bring it back after all of this release day madness IMO
  12. Shak02

    ups finally updated status

    When and from who did u order it? JWiPhone and Europa?
  13. Shak02

    ups finally updated status

    My phone is in Texas so will it maybe ship out overnight from there to get here tomorrow?
  14. Shak02

    ups finally updated status

    yes i finally got mine but it says its scheduled for delivery on the 22nd and i ordered before they were sold out on the 11st from ATT... can anyone tell me y? or is it gunna come tomorrow regardless of what that says?
  15. Shak02

    Who ordered from AT&T and have you got shipped date yet?

    I ordered mine on the 11th and just got the tracking info and it says itll be delivered on the 22nd...WTF!? its in Texas right now so is it still gunna be the 22nd or will it get overnight shipping from texas? pissed now
  16. Shak02

    MLB AT BAT App

    App works great...decided to get it and then video quality through wifi is great and decent through 3G...White Sox and Cubs gave us a wild game to start off the mobile streaming of games..LETS GO YANKS!---if it wasn't like Seattle where it rains every day then this game would get goin...
  17. Shak02

    Who ordered from AT&T and have you got shipped date yet?

    I have an order # but when i put it in to find out whats going on, it just says that they got the order and its being processed...AND i called yesterday and asked them whats going on and the guy said that it might come tomorrow or it might come on the 24th for some i guess im gunna...
  18. Shak02

    Who ordered from AT&T and have you got shipped date yet?

    I don't even have an order to look at because i never got the damn confirmation email and still have the "currently processing" or whatever and i ordered before the sell out on the 13th so it better be here tomorrow or else I'm never gunna buy anything else from Apple or att (most likely a lie because I...
  19. Shak02

    MLB AT BAT App

    trnsilver--im with u with the yankees...i wish the yanks games werent blacked out, but I watch every game anyway on TV mostly so it is pretty cool to catch up on the rest of the MLB since Im a huge baseball/Yankee fan.
  20. Shak02

    So its is 1:49 AM EST and I still DID NOT get my delivery confirmation.

    IBJanky--when u spend hundreds of dollars on a product that has been announced for a while and this isn't there first EXPECT everything to go right and should EXPECT the costumer to get their way in the right fashion.