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    Can connect, but not download from the Wi-FiTunes store

    I can search and try to downlaod a song from my phone, but when I put in my password, it says "Your account information has changed. Go to the iTunes store on your computer and update your billing info." WTF? I've been there several times and can't find any settings related to the iPhone and...
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    Official iPhone Update 1.1.1 Software Update Release Discussion

    I updated, then I tried Jailbreak and had to restore my phone. :laugh2::laugh2::laugh2:
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    iPhone in Journey Man

    Filming for the 2nd season of Heroes started on June 29th.... so, they also could have started filming this show on the 29th as well and still made the only takes about 4 days to film an episode of a show like this...
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    Power off Wallpaper's your own wallpaper, except darkened down.
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    Here you go guys.....also here's an update all I did was remove the dock at the bottom, and made the full charge battery white.
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    I did mine and his on is mine
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    I did this to my friends phone last night. Those are all pictures of him. LOL
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    How to add custom ringtones by WJP09 with Pictures and Videos.

    The answer to your first questions are are located in this thread... as for iTunes, you will not lose your songs by plugging into a computer that does not have your songs on them. Use the search button, thats what it's for.
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    How to add custom ringtones by WJP09 with Pictures and Videos.

    Which one of these is the Callender notification? alarm.caf dtmf-2.caf beep-beep.caf dtmf-0.caf dtmf-1.caf dtmf-3.caf dtmf-4.caf dtmf-5.caf dtmf-6.caf dtmf-7.caf dtmf-8.caf dtmf-9.caf dtmf-pound.caf dtmf-star.caf lock.caf long_low_short_high.caf low_power.caf mail-sent.caf...
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    This place needs some serious Modding.

    I'd like to volunteer to be one of those mods. This place is a great community and I would be honored to donate my time and efforts to keep this place running strong and efficient.
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    Good Battery ONLY if you never use iPod

    Umm, something is obviously wrong with your iPhone. I've listened to music for at least 13 hours and I had 35% left...
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    The Ultimate iPhone Software Update Discussion Thread

    Wasn't this rumored update scheduled for 12:01pm PST.... that means it hasn't happened yet and won't for another 3 minutes... but it's probably fake anyways. lol
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    So, what's your REAL battery life?

    It ended around 13 hours the other night. I did a bit of everything except Wi-Fi. I can take a picture if you don't believe me. :rolleyes:
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    i am sick ! and tried of hearing people say.. ... ..

    I aM TiReD oF peOplE TyPiNg lIkE ThiS. Die.
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    Average Battery Life. What's Yours?

    So far, I win :laugh2: Usage: 10 Hours, 10 Minutes Standby: 3 Days, 2 Hours 30% Battery Left. :)
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    So, what's your REAL battery life?

    Mine is at: Usage: 9 Hours, 1 Minute Standby: 3 Days, 1 Hour and it's got about 35% left.
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    Calling from the Calendar?

    I dunno, why don't you, um...try it?
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    Great videos - torture tests of iPhones

    What the hell was your major? McDonalds restaurant management? :tounge:
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    Solved the Battery charge/Usage statistics problem...

    Oh, don't be fooled, my battery life is perfectly fine. Last about 2 and a half- 3 days but I just wanted the statistic thing to work, and I know several other people had this same problem...