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  1. aubrgene

    8GB iPhone is now going to be $399

    I was in line for 7 hours at the Grove on iDay. I thought 'What if..."? The people in line said: " Apple, dropping prices, no way!". I should have listened to my gut instincts. I just didn't think there would be a price drop in 2 months. 2 years but not two months. I feel ripped off:angry:
  2. aubrgene

    iPod on iPhone Issues

    The iPod on my iPhone is always on repeat mode. How can I turn it off? Can someone help? Thanks.
  3. aubrgene

    update soon? looks like it.

    update will probably come out in a couple of months.
  4. aubrgene

    should i buy an iPhone for my dog?

    Soooooo cute!:laugh2:
  5. aubrgene

    Security Alert: first iPhone vulnerability

    An update will probably happen in three months.
  6. aubrgene

    The Ultimate iPhone Software Update Discussion Thread

    My iPhone works just fine and very usuable even without an update. Sure, the ringer can be louder but I'm not expecting an update anytime soon. My guess is probably in three months. Lighten up!
  7. aubrgene

    Much happier w/o my INCASE !

    Nude is the way to go. I don't use my case anymore unless I go to the gym and use the holster.
  8. aubrgene

    Leaving Sprint should I get 8300 or iPhone

    If you have to ask, get the 8300. You won't be happy with the iPhone.
  9. aubrgene

    Anyone not using a case?

    Clear case for the first week. I've been going naked for over a week now.
  10. aubrgene

    What's Your Favorite Ringer?

    Pretty cool but I have a Mac. Thanks!
  11. aubrgene

    What's Your Favorite Ringer?

    Or what ringer do you currently use? I have MARIMBA right now!
  12. aubrgene

    Now that u have iPhone ru going to sell your IPOD?

    No I'm still keeping my U2 iPod. It has ALL my music, videos, + extra space. It's permanently hooked on my car.
  13. aubrgene

    Has any one met other iPhone users in the public?

    Yes an ex co-worker in front of a restuarant!
  14. aubrgene

    Any stars with the iPhone yet?

    Macy Gray has one.. she was in line on iDay.
  15. aubrgene

    Poll: Do you lock your iPhone?

    Yes, I lock it. It's not a big deal. I just got lazy when I first bought my iPhone and was NOT locking it. Now--- it asks for my password EACH time.
  16. aubrgene

    Don't trust those "protective" cases...

    I don't use cases anymore either. I have the clear protective case with the holster and use it only when I go to the gym.
  17. aubrgene

    1 in 3 Americans wants an iPhone

    Good to know that they are going to come up with a 16 GB that supports 3G at a lower price in the Spring. Argh.
  18. aubrgene

    Who LOVES their iPhone?

    The iPhone is the new standard of digital technology. I love the iphone-- I'm amazed!
  19. aubrgene

    Do Not Buy Magnetic Cases!

    What brand/model of magnetic case do you have? It might help the forum to be aware of it and not buy it. Thanks.
  20. aubrgene

    Smugness and iPhone

    As Albert Camus wrote: " The heart is the weak spot of the intellect" echoes some truth to your post. For some Apple enthusiasts, it's probably because of the novelty of the iPhone. They are protective of it and that's what makes it exciting----the honeymoon and emotions are triggered. They...