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  1. jrCobra

    iTunes 10.4

    Running Windows Vista 64 bit here, I've had problems a couple times and had to uninstall/reinstall. I keep getting the error "The procedure entry point sqlite3_wal_checkpoint could not be located in the dynamic library SQLite3.dll" upon trying to start iTunes. So it won't even load for me. I...
  2. jrCobra

    Best vehicle Mount Kit?

    I just bought the Spiderpodium, looks pretty neat and flexible, lol.
  3. jrCobra

    Silent mode button?

    I can but it's a pain in the butt. From reading the Apple Support page this looks like the sort of thing that would be covered under the 1 year warranty. The site says to contact Apple Tech Support or to take it to an Apple Store. Unfortunately I don't have one nearby. :( They also say...
  4. jrCobra

    Silent mode button?

    Well this happened to me tonight. :( I use mine about twice a day and it's never felt too stiff but it is a little stiff. Tonight I turned it on silent mode for class and after class I went to flip it back only to discover my button was missing. It sat on my desk the whole time and I couldn't...
  5. jrCobra

    Restore gone bad - need help

    I also performed a restore after having the same symptoms of the OP. It did the "spinning wheel/double vibrate all night long so I did the restore. This was on a jailbroken V1. I did not re-jailbreak my phone since the last 2 times I had problems. Phone works now but one big problem is most...
  6. jrCobra

    iTunes Ringtone Exploit still works!

    Or maybe the clip is larger than 30 seconds. I have two that are about a minute and they show up in iTunes ringtones but they don't get added to the iPhone when I sync. All the other ringtones 31 seconds or less are added. :) That would be my guess.
  7. jrCobra

    iTunes Ringtone Exploit still works!

    Mine works! And let me say it works awesome. Thanks!
  8. jrCobra

    ibrickr won't recognize my phone

    I couldn't get iTunes or iBrickr to recognize my phone. I searched and found a thread where these instructions were given: Start -> Run -> Services.msc -> Apple Mobile Device Service. Click start. Fire up iTunes. That worked for me. :cool:
  9. jrCobra

    What are you going to do with your $100 credit?

    I wonder if we could get another iPhone...
  10. jrCobra

    Finally dropped it

    Cool, I'm going to have to buy that. Thx a lot! OK, ok, I admit...I shed a tear. But I had something in my eye dammit!
  11. jrCobra

    Finally dropped it

    Haha, no I didn't really cry. I just kinda shook my head and thought, "well, at least I don't have to worry about my first drop anymore." :D Hey, at least I didn't drop it in the toilet. So who else has dropped their phone pretty hard?
  12. jrCobra

    So, how many other people have you seen with an iPhone?

    I have only seen one other. I went out to eat with a friend and one of the servers saw me texting on mine so of course he came over and whipped his out (lol) and started chatting about iPhones. He said he hadn't seen any others either. My friend (and a few other people in the area) just kinda...
  13. jrCobra

    Finally dropped it

    It was bound to happen. I suck at keeping my phones nice and shiny. Last night I proved it. :angry: I bought the Incase Multifunction Sports Case because I like the design and figured it would do an adequate job of protecting the phone. Up until last night it did. Anyways I was jogging and...
  14. jrCobra

    2-4 Week Wait

    I ordered mine on iDay and received it the following Friday, exactly one week later. I was happy not to wait hours in line or pay extra just to wait one measily week. :) I did walk in to the AT&T store at 6pm local time to order it though instead of waiting for the nationwide online rush...
  15. jrCobra

    Post your iPhone V1 and 3G pics!

    story continued: So I opened the trunk and started to pull my tools out so I could change the tire and that's when I felt the first cool drops of rain touch my face. I knew then it was too late. I scrambled to get back into the car and only got slightly drenched. I decided to wait out the...
  16. jrCobra

    Post your iPhone V1 and 3G pics!

    I have a story to tell through the pics on my iPhone :) : I truly love the central plains thunderstorms that seem to be abundant this summer.I especially love being out in the rain, especially to run. However, I am not very fond of getting caught in a torential downpour with a blown out tire...
  17. jrCobra

    Watching movies on iPhone

    I currently have 8 movies including: 300 An American Haunting Borat Eragon Ghost Rider Hannibal Rising Hot Fuzz Night of the Museum I used to travel by plane a lot and always had plenty of time to watch movies on my video iPod. I don't travel as much lately but I still find time to watch...