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  1. NeoMatrix1217

    Should I return my 3G iPhone

    I purchased a new 3G iPhone 2 weeks ago and the battery life is getting worse and worse I fully charged my iPhone last night and by 4:00PM today I got the fatal 20% percent warning message and then dead iPhone. Here is my rant with my first gen iPhone I could keep it charged in the car with my...
  2. NeoMatrix1217

    Did iFuntastic come out for PC yet?

    Try This PC Version Worked great for me...
  3. NeoMatrix1217

    iPhone only gets charged 300 times before battery dies?

    Total Drain 300 of total drains of battery life meaning you drain it to the end no green but usually that does not happen since you charge it every night.
  4. NeoMatrix1217

    iPhone Discrimination

    Don't Pay Attention to those people they don't know what you had to do to get it I worked side jobs to make the extra money. These could be the same fools droping $599.00 for a PS3 and $60.00 a game.... Let them keep drinking that HaterAid.... :laugh2:
  5. NeoMatrix1217

    Removing default ringtones

    The Link
  6. NeoMatrix1217

    Cool things I've done with my iPhone. How 'bout you?

    Google Maps I was at Lakewood Church in Houston seeing Hillsong United after the concert after I had found the church using google maps I typed in resturants and found a PF Changs right behind the church. I would never found it if I did not have my iPhone.... God is good all the time.
  7. NeoMatrix1217

    Anyone get the DLO JamJacket? How is it?

    Anyone having trouble making this fit into the charger?
  8. NeoMatrix1217

    post on your iPhone the location you are at right now

    McAllen, TX working : ) to pay off the iPhone :laugh2:
  9. NeoMatrix1217

    Now that u have iPhone ru going to sell your IPOD?

    Just wondering I am in a sell it or not...