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  1. Bakerman

    Kensington Liquid Aux

    Yes and Yes
  2. Bakerman

    Kensington Liquid Aux

    Working Well U got one from Amazon, it charges and connects to my stereo flawlessly, in my 2008 Camry hybrid. Previously I was using an old iPod charger from Belkin that, alas, no longer will charge a 3G. Link to what I got is below:
  3. Bakerman

    Kensington Liquid Aux

    Has anyone tried this solution to charging/connecting in the car with the 3G yet?
  4. Bakerman

    what iPhone 3G case did you get or plan to get

    Vaja I ordered a case from Vaja the day they were announced. I used one with my v1 and it was outstanding. ( Only issue is that when you customize, the wait for arrival can take up to 45 days. In the interim I am using a sleeve case that was sent out by AB Sutton when I...
  5. Bakerman

    Black or White ? What did you get and why.

    White White- just like the look.
  6. Bakerman

    The White One

    I got a White iPhone, and I really like the appearance, as my last one (and all of them before) were basically black. I have been looking at the styling closely (Apple products are always fun to study, aren't they?), and wondering why they did not make the front white also. It would look...
  7. Bakerman

    I'm waiting in line for the 3G white iPhone

    White One Did you get it? I have a white one, and love it since it is different than the standard black. But- to each his own.:laugh2:
  8. Bakerman

    Credit or debit

    Yes. There should be no problem, as it is what I did.
  9. Bakerman

    3G has terrible signal

    Full Bars I am in central PA. I have full strength signal, just as I did on my 1st gen.
  10. Bakerman

    Everybody currently waiting on a line chime in where you are and what place in line

    #1 I was #1 at the AT&T store in Williamsport, PA. I got a 16GB white, activation took around 20 minutes. Currently syncing!
  11. Bakerman


    I ordered a set of these from v-moda as soon as I read this . I will let you know what I think of them after they arrive.
  12. Bakerman

    Static with Apple headset

    Replacement Arrived My replacement headset arrived today, after only 2 days. I consider that a quick response and that pleases me. I paired it, and it works fine. I will put it through its paces for a few days and report back. But so far, it is fine.
  13. Bakerman

    Static with Apple headset

    Update They are sending me another one. Once it gets here I have to send them this one. That is the right way to handle it, but I was on the phone a rather time over 2 days arranging for this gto be done. I will update as more information becomes available.
  14. Bakerman

    Static with Apple headset

    Update As directed I stopped at the Local AT&T store tonight on the way home from work, paired the headset with the display model and it still has tons of static./ That seems to indicate to me that the headset is defective. I am currently on hold for customer support. I will post more detail...
  15. Bakerman

    Static with Apple headset

    I purchased my iPhone on iDay, and ordered my Apple bluetooth headset as soon as they were available. The headset had worked well, but it does not any longer. It now has lasrge amounts of static, to the point that it is no longer useable. I tried unparing and repairing, restarting the...
  16. Bakerman

    New iPhones already v1.02?

    1.02 is the latest version of the software on the iPhone and has been available for a little more than a week now.
  17. Bakerman

    Apple BT headset case

    Looks like a great little solution for stowing earbuds. Thanks for posting detail!
  18. Bakerman

    What is the best case?

    I am on my 4th case, as it took me quite a while and some trial & error to find what I like best. I really love the Top SP from vaja.
  19. Bakerman

    Apple BT headset case

    I am also obsessed with keeping my gadgets properly stowed and clean. I have been thinling that a case is needed for the headset too, so you are not alone. Your idea is a good one with the prescription bottle. I will try it out until something is available
  20. Bakerman

    more vaja i-volution cases available!

    Arrived Today My Vaja case arrived today. I ordered it August 5. These are the specifics: 1 ivolution Top SP Holster - for Apple iPhone Material Combination: Caterina - Caterina Color-scheme: Caterina Ruby Wine/Caterina Black Personalization: No Backside: Without Clip It is really...