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    iPhone on Bionic Woman

    Marie Osmond On Entertainment Tonight Marie was shown showing pictures of her family while being interviewed about the death of her father this week.
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    Help... I lost my iPhone

    I REALLY do feel your pain Have had cell phones since they were 5 lbs bricks..... never ever even came close to loosing one. A few weeks ago mine disappeared, I lost it but tell myself someone stole it. Called A.T.&T. reported it and have not found it yet. What did I do? went and bought...
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    What is the average age of people that have an iPhone?

    Oldest So Far I will be 57 in October.. complete Apple junkie. At the office we use for now the older iMac. As soon as we can will be getting the new ones released last week. At home still use the Mac-Book Pro and also have the 23" display when I feel like having a bigger screen. iPhone is my...
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    organize photos

    That Is Correct That is the way iphoto works on the computer also.. you actually have a library file that contains (1 )copy of all the pictures. To find or separate easily you make a file to access the pics without looking through the whole library. In reality you only have 1 copy of each picture.
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    organize photos

    Phots You make a file in iphoto and name the file whatever you like. Drag the pics from your library in the file. I have thousands of pics in my iphoto library and do not want all of them on my phone. My phone has 3 folders for now 1) Library 2) contact pictures 3) iPhone wallpapers...
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    I Am Very Surprised How Many PC Users Are Buying iPhone ?

    Now Off Topic Topic was to get an idea why so many PC user were buying into the iPhone... again not another thread for the battle between PC'c and Macs.
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    I Am Very Surprised How Many PC Users Are Buying iPhone ?

    On one hand I understand your post... but being a Mac user and hearing I can sync all my information from my computers is what piqued my interest. For instance if Microsoft announced that with their new Vista they would also have forth coming a phone, I would never even consider looking. We do...
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    I Am Very Surprised How Many PC Users Are Buying iPhone ?

    Good answer... as my post said the phone is MUCH more than I expected. Both my sons for awhile went the Blackberry route but at my age I could never e-mail with those very tiny keys. Some have complained about the keyboard but I have had NO problem at all. This is the first time for me to...
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    I Am Very Surprised How Many PC Users Are Buying iPhone ?

    I am very happy to find this forum for the iPhone. Have been an AppleInsider and MacRumor reader for years. Since I am only a Mac user and have been since the 80's am blown away by how many PC users purchased the iPhone. When the rumor started over a year ago about Apple again releasing a new...
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    No Problems with my iPhone, Am I the only one?

    Majority of population will not post if they are not having problems. I am usually one of those. Only gussing a few percent of the phones have some sort of defect. If Apple repairs or replaces the defective units, the iPhone will continue to be success !:wink:
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    The full iPhone experience (my story).

    Mine Works Too ! I also got a good one... must have several out that really works. Yesterday had to dig out my old Casio Boss to retrieve an old phone number. This dates back to before my first Mac.. at least 15 years. I remember when I purchased it and what a wonderful tool it was. Finally...
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    Multiple E-mail Account Question

    I assume that would be correct... someone else told me that you must reply through your .mac e-mail. I am new to this forum and being an Apple user am very surprized to see how many PC users are buying iPhones. That being said I assume that most of them do not have .mac account or mac mail.May have...
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    iPhoneRingToneMaker is here

    Do you use a PC or Mac ?
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    Multiple E-mail Account Question

    I am a little older than most people on this forum but try hard to keep up. Yes I have an Apple Mac-Book Pro,latest large screen iPod,iMac at work and yes the fantastic iPhone.My technical question is this I have 3 e-mail accounts that the iPhone receives mail. If I receive an e-mail on my work...
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    Describe your iPhone in one word.

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    Does anyone know who fixes broken iPhones?

    I have had my iPhone now for only 3 weeks.. yesterday all of a sudden I could not make an out going call. In my home town only 2 of the A.T.&T. stores sold the iPhone along with the Apple store. One of the A.T.&T. stores happens to be near my office and I stopped in on my way to an appointment...
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    The Ultimate Skin Guide for iPhone

    As stated yesterday I installed the back panel of the Bodyguardz last night. Now that I have successfuly put on both sides, I agree you should take your time and do the install over at least two days. The back is MUCH more complicated that the flat piece for the front. If I were putting on both...
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    Is anyone starting to hate their iPhone?

    Best Phone Yet I have had a cell phone since 1985... MANY different phones and carriers. We switched to Cingular over two years ago because of the GSM network. Phone works well in most of the world partiality Europe since we travel there for both businesss and pleasure. The BIG US carriers at...
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    The Ultimate Skin Guide for iPhone

    Last night I performed step one: putting on the screen (front) portion. I am one very happy camper. There is one very small imperfection on the top right corner I must not have smoothed out perfectly. No bubbles or lint or any other contaminates of any kind this morning 12 hours after install...
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    Carrier Logo PICK UP ONLY

    Nice I am new to this mod section... want to try something simple like this blue/white at & t logo for a trial. How do I get it on my phone. I am sure this has been discussed but have not yet found the post. Thanks in advance for your help.:smile: