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  1. MorningZ

    Alpine car stereo + iPhone = Greatness!

    Both generations work great with new new F-Series Pioneers as well My F700BT connects and transfers the phone book via Bluetooth.... all iPod functionality is there (even video)... and programs like Pandora and FM play just fine through the iPod cable
  2. MorningZ

    Traveling with iPhone/AT&T in China

    To be honest, i am not really looking to use my phone at all while out there.... but i could see that something will happen here at the office that needs my attention, so turning on the phone and checking email once or twice in a day is all that's needed..... so i can't see unlocking my...
  3. MorningZ

    Traveling with iPhone/AT&T in China

    Hey everyone... I am just about off to China for a few weeks of vacation, and have an unmodified iPhone on an AT&T corporate plan Someone here at worked called our AT&T rep and got some info like "$30 for 5 megs, $50 for 20 megs, and $2 a min for voice" (those aren't the exact numbers, but...
  4. MorningZ

    where are all the LIERS now?

    i guess at least those people weren't "liars"
  5. MorningZ

    Convert Movie - Video and Sound is not sync.

    and to give yet another option Handbrake works great for me... there's a few great topics in here showing step by step with pics on going from DVD > iPhone using DVDDecrypter and Handbrake
  6. MorningZ

    Seidio gettin accessories

    It would have been great to order one of those, but the site doesn't like FedEx shipping to my office's physical address ("FedEx does not deliver to PO Boxes, APO, and FPO addresses. Shipping address has to be a physical address for receiving packages", and it most indeed is a physical address)...
  7. MorningZ

    Anyone get the Synchronica demo yet?

    What about getting to actually work consistantly? I did get into the Demo the other day and have it all setup, but my phone only tells/shows that i have email when i actually go into the Email account and sub-folder I've got the phone set to check every 15 mins, and i know this works all...
  8. MorningZ

    Anyone get the Synchronica demo yet?

    Was hoping for someone who got into the first round of the demo to comment on install and functionality... not get yet another marketing blurb
  9. MorningZ

    Anyone get the Synchronica demo yet?

    So today "Synchronica" got released with the promise of Exchange to iPhone Email account syncing using OWA (meaning IT guys don't have to open up IMAP) While i am...
  10. MorningZ

    iPhone + Car AUX

    It plugs right in and works with the iPod adapters in both my cars (one is Pioneer, the other Jensen)... the plugs seems the exact same for me between the phone and my two iPods
  11. MorningZ

    The Ultimate iPhone Software Update Discussion Thread

    What bothers a lot of people, myself included, is the defeaning silence of anything from Apple about any updates/fixes Any doubt they'll fix stuff? no... but is it going to be two weeks more? two months? longer? nobody knows anything
  12. MorningZ

    Tutorial: Put your DVDs on your iPhone Step by Step Instructions

    Thanks for the great step by step I just wanted to note that the "Presets" (in the top menu) work great, i used the middle setting and didn't have to do anything but: 1) Select the DVD files 2) Choose output location 3) Choose middle "Preset" 4) Go! And movies look killer and the sound is...
  13. MorningZ

    Lack of Exchange disappointing

    Before I purchased this thing a week ago, I read story after story about Microsoft licensing out ActiveSync to Apple, which would (probably) lead to this great phone/ipod being able to replace Blackberrys out there (using OMA or OWA and *not* IMAP), inlcuding my Pearl All those articles i read...
  14. MorningZ

    Checking sports news?

    "PickleView" says it does something like that
  15. MorningZ

    Checking sports news?

    that was the one i mentioned with the line: "Found one site that has scores, but it's not updated too frequency and has no news" I'm looking for news/headlines as well...... ESPN has a really excellent WAP-based site for Blackberrys/etc, i was hoping someone knew of a similar one for this phone
  16. MorningZ

    Checking sports news?

    Anyone have any iphone-friendly website recommendations for checking sports news and scores? Sites like ESPN and Sportsline are just too cumbersome to navigate around on the phone Found one site that has scores, but it's not updated too frequency and has no news Thanks in advance
  17. MorningZ

    Possible to ignore a certain WiFi connection?

    Yeah, i am not looking to turn off the whole entire feature, just this one network.....
  18. MorningZ

    Possible to ignore a certain WiFi connection?

    I've got a secured WiFi network that is nearby my office somewhere... i have absolutely no desire to ever join it.... is there a way to make my iPhone never ask me if i want to join it? because every time i fire up the browser or email menu's that is the first thing it waits for me to answer...