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  1. ripsqueak

    What theme do you use?

    Using zoobboy
  2. ripsqueak

    Apple TV vs. Roku

    I have both and I just tend to stick with the Appletv. Suits my needs more because I frequently use airplay, sync w/ my comp, and I like the interface a hell of a lot more. I find what channels I can add to ruku just seem cheap and not very noteworthy for me. Then again, I didn't explore more...
  3. ripsqueak

    If you own an iPad, will you get an iPad mini?

    at this point, ill pass on the mini. I haven't had the ipad 3 for long and so far its perfect. If i need smaller, I will use my iPhone.
  4. ripsqueak

    Does anyone hate the fact that you have to update your apps all the time?

    I agree the update notifications are annoying. I'd like the option to dismiss the update because honestly for some of the apps that get updated, its not necessary and sometimes rather have a previous version than an updated version. I usually end up updating everything and then not open the app...
  5. ripsqueak

    How to clean a rubber case?

    Rubbing alcohol wouldn't work?
  6. ripsqueak

    Your 10 Most Favorite Applications

    My fave apps are my most used which really are just.. -aNote -proboards app -hipstamatic -ebay -whatsapp -paper toss (which I don't use much but when i do its just easy amusement)
  7. ripsqueak

    What Email app does everyone like / use?

    I use the native to sync with my ymail account even though its horrible at fetching the latest without usually having to manually sync. Any ideas if that's the norm? I have outlook express installed as well but I stopped using it. Never been a fan of the interface.
  8. ripsqueak

    MacBook Pro Taking the Plunge to the World of MacBook

    And Im a dope that didn't realize this original post was from March. My bad. Did you end up getting a new mac? if so, how is it?
  9. ripsqueak

    Regional Carriers offering iPhones

    Im in alaska as well oh how I dislike GCI ... It's gonna be interesting when Verizon comes up here, If they end up having pretty good service coverage & rates , I'd be tempted to switch since my contract is up next year with AT&T.
  10. ripsqueak

    Song of the Day

    Massive Attack "Live With Me" --- Definitely rec that. Currently listening to.. Evaporated by Ben Folds
  11. ripsqueak

    How many browsers are installed on your computer?

    Safari, Chrome, and FF I used to be FF crazy but mainly lean towards Chrome on Windows.. on Mac between Chrome & Safari.
  12. ripsqueak

    MacBook Pro Should I let MacBook Pro battery discharge completely before plugging in?

    Calibrating is definitely a good way to prolong battery life. Many others have rec'd before --download coconutBattery app to which helps you keep track of your current charge & capacity in comparison designed charge & capacity.
  13. ripsqueak

    MacBook Pro What happens when updates are announced?

    Didn't someone say the 13 will more than likely be part of the new line up? So many rumors sometimes.. I say if you can't wait--go for it. Unless your needs are that different from the current to the next release. I have a 13inch and I love it. Perfect size for me to be honest for a laptop...
  14. ripsqueak

    MacBook Pro Taking the Plunge to the World of MacBook

    I took the plunge last fall and haven't regretted it since. In fact, I find it harder going back to windows now after becoming accustom to the mac OS very easy. I have Microsoft Office for MAC installed. You can also bootcamp windows to have both systems if you desire. Info here...