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  1. aihna

    Cleaning an iPad case

    I'm using the cloth I used to clean my eye glasses (microfiber cloth) to clean the screen of my ipad 2, it works great for me.
  2. aihna

    iPad MINI (Cheaper Apple iPad)

    Apple products are really great! No question about it. But nowadays Android are trending. Maybe because it is more affordable that Apple products and it has also same usage as Apple products offer.
  3. aihna

    Official FaceBook App?

    According to what I read it was launched at Apple’siPhone 5 launch event on Oct. 4. The Facebook iPad app, which leaked earlier this year, has been in limbo at Facebook for the past few months. They also stated this. "The problem, according to two sources familiar with the situation, has been a...
  4. aihna

    Highly Recommended iPad Apps for Little Kids

    Thank you for this. Although I don't have kids yet but I do have lil sisters and brothers. It can be useful and entertaining for them.
  5. aihna

    iPad MINI (Cheaper Apple iPad)

    In order to compete with kindle, it is rumored that Apple will create iPad Mini and it will be release maybe next year. Does Kindle consider an iPad killer? And is that the reason why iPad will produced cheaper iPad (iPad Mini)?
  6. aihna

    does any one use a sticker /decal on their iPad?

    This is so cool. Do they have 'Taz' version for it?
  7. aihna

    does any one use a sticker /decal on their iPad?

    Will it not leave a mark or stain in my iPad? Sorry, I really don't have idea about it. I haven't use any.
  8. aihna

    iPad 2 waterproof case?

    Just don't use it if you're going to beach or anywhere you think it might be wet. :) But you can try DryCase water proff case for iPad.
  9. aihna

    iPad won't charge while attached to PC

    Just charge your iPad using its charger. It would be better and faster.
  10. aihna

    Planetary for iPad/music

    I agree! This is pointless but it looks like interesting. :)
  11. aihna

    iPad HD before iPad 3?

    Upon reading your reply post "acosmichippo" I also gain some knowledge about HD issue with Apple. Thank you so much for this.
  12. aihna

    What's your charging routine?

    Okay! No, I't all clear.. Thanks for your help. I really don't have that knowledge since I'm just a first time iPad user. ;)
  13. aihna

    What's your charging routine?

    Follow up question, How will I know If I over used or over charged the battery of my iPad? Will It damage my iPad if I charge it while I'm using it whole day?
  14. aihna

    Where to sell iPad first gen

    You can try As far as I remember if your iPad doesn't have any damage, as what you said it looks brand new, they will offer you more than $400. You can check it for yourself.
  15. aihna

    iPad HD before iPad 3?

    Whatever happens I still stick to my iPad 2. I don't care if they will release iPad HD or iPad 3. Unless it will be damage or dies.
  16. aihna

    So easy an... orangutan can do it?

    I don't know if I will be amaze or what. There could be a negative on that case.
  17. aihna

    What's your charging routine?

    Okay. I never tried that one because I'm afraid if I over charged it or leave it over night my iPad might be damage or i should say the battery.
  18. aihna

    How often you connect your iPad to computer (iTunes)?

    I do it at least once a week or if I need to sync some of my files.
  19. aihna

    What's your charging routine?

    Thanks guys for all of your input! Feel free to add more..;)