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  1. TheLastMohican

    Critique Of The App Store

    Agreed. But tell me then what apps to you find useful and are now lacking terrible (like in not-there-or-in-an-awful-flavor :laugh2: ) in the AppStore?
  2. TheLastMohican

    Datacase - Anyone has this?

    Your bet is correct, for official apps there's no programmatically way to get to the USB connection. For jailbroken iPhones that might be another story.
  3. TheLastMohican

    Revo2 question

    No mate, my iPhone was ordered on 11/07, yes when it was launched. And actually the iSkin Revo2 was ordered on 25/07 Oh well patience is a virtue they say ... but it's wearing thin right now :laugh2:
  4. TheLastMohican

    Data base on the iPhone

    Not exactly a FileMaker hookup in the sense that everything's possible, but it's a first step. Some Swedish developer has developed CSV Touch and what it does is actually very simple, it converts a CSV file in a searchable and sortable DB for the iPhone. So you could export a FileMaker DB (or...
  5. TheLastMohican

    Revo2 question

    Got the black one.
  6. TheLastMohican

    Revo2 question

    Mine arrived on friday 01/08, so just one week for shipping from US to Belgium. Now i just have to get that iPhone to go with it. As soon as that's done i'll probably take some pics of it.
  7. TheLastMohican

    Send contact info from your iPhone....via email

    The developer of EmailContact will implement vCard support in the next version.
  8. TheLastMohican

    Calendar Subscriptions Not Appearing

    Don't have an iPhone myself (yet, on order since 11/07 ... don't ask) so i don't know if this is possible or a bug. If not possible, just take a look at this new AppStore application; Upcoming (Upcoming looks at your addressbook data and lists the birthdays of all your friends and family members.)
  9. TheLastMohican

    Send contact info from your iPhone....via email

    Well well, seems we found the same thing :wink: One thing is would like this app to do, is the possibility to send the contact information through SMS too. Or a choice before sending the info, email or SMS. Dang there you have it. Oh and i didn't program it either.
  10. TheLastMohican

    Data base on the iPhone

    Okay, just subscribed to the HanDBase Yahoo group, and surprise (or not, see below) they are working on a version of HanDBase for iPhone. Looks like a lot of the long-time developers for Palm, Windows Mobile, ... will also start to develop for iPhone. Among other iambic, WebIS, Mobipocket...
  11. TheLastMohican

    Data base on the iPhone

    Jeff you are aware that FileMaker has discontinued FMP Mobile alltogether. I take it that is what you are using now on your HTC. Personally discontuining FMP Mobile and focusing on Web Publushing DB's, i think was one of the worst decisions FileMaker ever made. Really hope some developer sees...
  12. TheLastMohican

    How to: dig into App Store apps

    If you want to see how those PNG files look like, then point your browser to this explanation
  13. TheLastMohican

    Revo2 question

    Ordered mine on friday morning too, and it says 'Ships in 3-5 Business Days', i wouldn't worry too much if i was you. Why do you have the feeling of being ripped off. Besides patience is a virtue :wink:
  14. TheLastMohican

    iSkin for iPhone 3G

    Got an email this night (US compared with Belgium times) that the Revo2 is available for ordering. Was subscribed to receive news about this from iSkin, so i could pre-order which i did. The official launch is planned for today, so keep checking their site. HTH