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  1. Freek

    Calculator Mod by Jonas

    Cool, thx!
  2. Freek

    Dialer Mod by Jonas

    I did'nt copy the .artwork file 'cause I thought it were the same images as the other ones. But now I did copy this file also and it works! I guess I just have to stop thinking.. :wink: Thx, awesome!
  3. Freek

    Dialer Mod by Jonas

    cool, thanks! But.. the numbers don't "bling" by touching them, only the "back" and "add to favorite" button do. Am I doing something wrong?
  4. Freek

    YouTube - could not enable ssl

    You have to do this: Good Luck!
  5. Freek

    iTunes connection with a secured network couldn't be made

    When I docked my iPhone today iTunes started up, but then I got a message something like "Your request for connecting to the iTunes store couldn't be completed because a connection with a secured network couldn't be made. Check if you have enabled SSL 3.0 use and TLS 1.0 use in your network...
  6. Freek

    What do u guyz think of this case?

    Link? Picture?
  7. Freek

    iPhoneSIMFree will release in 48-72 Hours!

    "hoping" to release.. in other words don't expect to much from it... AGAIN! :frown:
  8. Freek

    CNN: "The Steve Jobs Master Plan: iPhone hacking"

    Great news, but why is the softwareunlockmethod not comming!? :frown:
  9. Freek

    How to turn off dictionary function?

    Thanks Mike! I'm a little anxious for running jailbreak but I think I'll a give a try though.
  10. Freek

    How to turn off dictionary function?

    u can't be serious. There are a lot of foreign speaking people in the US to, right? Thanks anyway
  11. Freek

    How to turn off dictionary function?

    Hi, Does anyone know of it's possible to turn the dictionary function off. I'm typing a lot of messages in Dutch, so almost every word comes up with an English suggestion.. Thx!
  12. Freek

    cannot connect to YouTube

    Hi folks, My iPhone works perfectly on all applications but YouTube. When I try to start it, it says "Cannot connect to YouTube". Safari etc works great. Anyone has a solution for this problem? Thanks. Freek, the first Dutch guy having an iPhone...:laugh2: