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  1. lansbury

    Strange charging anomaly

    Finally been able to run the battery flat and it has gone to 100% on subsequent recharges..
  2. lansbury

    Strange charging anomaly

    I haven't let it run down but will do so. It is plugged into a wall socket.
  3. lansbury

    Strange charging anomaly

    Charged over night got to 98%. Unplugged and plugged in went to 100%. Unplugged started to use an app (currency exchange rate checker) and it dropped back to 98%. The battery lasts as expected during the day, so not a problem just strange.
  4. lansbury

    Strange charging anomaly

    I haven't tried plugging it back in as each time I've noticed it was as I unplugged the phone before leaving the house. Thanks for the suggestion I will try plugging it back in the next time I charge overnight using the plug.
  5. lansbury

    Strange charging anomaly

    If I charge my phone using the plug and USB cord it always charges to 98%, even if left charging overnight. If I charge it from my computer, using the same USB cord, it charges to 100%. A first world problem I know, but I'd just like to know why.
  6. lansbury

    iPhone 5s Tracking Thread

    Thanks didn't think of that. Tried a paper clip but it wouldn't pull the tray out.
  7. lansbury

    iPhone 5s Tracking Thread

    Unlocked (T-Mobile sim) 5s received at 2:30. Down to local ATT store and had a new sim installed linked to my account and up and running by 2:45. Bit annoyed that with an unlocked phone there was no sim drawer key in the box. Need to find a key from somewhere now.
  8. lansbury

    iPhone 5s Online Order Thread

    Ordered 64gb space grey unlocked for delivery Sept 27 - Oct 1
  9. lansbury

    iOS 7 has been released!

    Installed OK on iPad 4. Not so straightforward on my iPhone 4s. Something went amiss on the installation and had to restore the phone, now downloading backup from iCloud.
  10. lansbury

    The "I Just Got My iPhone 4S" Thread

    Got mine at 2pm PDT and had no trouble activating it first try.
  11. lansbury

    Anyone pre-order from AT&T and get their 4s today?

    Haven't got it yet. But it is on the UPS truck for delivery today. Tracking number came at 6.35pm PST yesterday.
  12. lansbury

    Those of us that AT&T still shows on backorder...

    Ordered a black 64GB. It came off of backorder sometime this morning.
  13. lansbury

    Who hasn't gotten their tracking number from AT&T yet?

    Mine has as well. Surprising such trivial things can brighten up a day. :rolleyes:
  14. lansbury

    Who hasn't gotten their tracking number from AT&T yet?

    I ordered just after 1am Friday, but BOA decided using my credit card at that time was a possible fraud and I had to call ATT around 10am to sort the payment out. Had the pending shipment email but not the has shipped email. I suspect despite what ATT says about my order being active, the...
  15. lansbury

    iOS 5 Released!

    Downloaded and installed on iPad2, leaving my 3GS jailbroken.
  16. lansbury

    Who hasn't gotten their tracking number from AT&T yet?

    I got the order in just after 1am PDT Friday. Got an email confirmation at 1:13am that day, and today at 1:29pm an order has been processed and pending shipment email
  17. lansbury

    Who hasn't gotten their tracking number from AT&T yet?

    Just had an email from AT&T to say now pending shipment
  18. lansbury

    Who didn't get they're tracking number?

    Still waiting from ATT. How many flights does it take to move 1 million iPhones from China?
  19. lansbury

    In Store Pickup

    Yep I have nothing better to do with my time than to sit here making up stupid answers to questions. Sorry for trying to be helpfulI sure I saw the option.