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  1. iamse7en

    Is "Talk Radio" too political for a Apple app?

    Haha... 5 Months later and a dead thread gets new life. Welcome.
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    iPhone Locater via Facebook>Google Maps Locate Me?

    This facebook app was for 1.x.x firmware. It's no longer around.
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    Is "Talk Radio" too political for a Apple app?

    Talk Radio is dominated by conservative commentators, thereforee, your app will be dominated by conservative commentators. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you providing a product that millions of people would be interested in. Of course you'll get left-wingers who are upset, but of...
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    That is correct Laina. In the U.S., you must turn off 3G for it to work on T-Mobile. Therefore, you may be better off sticking with a first generation iPhone. However, the new iPhones have a much better speaker (including the ear speaker, which is louder), and they feel better in your hand...
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    It works on T-Mobile USA, but you must turn off 3G if you have a 3G iPhone. You can't see it on Cydia until you add the source: See iClarified Tutorial if you want a step by step.
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    Quake 3 Demo for iPhone

    Unless you're talking about the VIP xxxxxxx source, no, Cydia does not have it. Cydia has quake1, but not quake3. Sorry, I thought most people would know how to manually install by now. To install: put in /Applications and set permissions to 755 for the directory.
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    Quake 3 Demo for iPhone

    Via andydam, this is for real. It plays great on my iPhone, but with no sound, and in need of improved controls. Still, this is quite an achievement. Originally saw it at iPod Touch Fans. This is just the demo pack file, which is a legally free download. More info here. Quake 3 For...
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    Cannot connect to iTunes Store

    This is not true [redacted]
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    OK OK! I'm notified already!

    I know! I hate these annoying reminders! I'm sure the developer knows and will fix it.
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    StatusNotifier on Cydia

    Thanks, but looks like your dock is different, as well.
  11. iamse7en

    StatusNotifier on Cydia

    What theme is that?
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    Absolutely not. You are very confused. The feature you are talking about is the Push Notification Service. This has been pulled from recent betas, and has been delayed. This service does not allow applications to run in the background, but for applications to receive limited data -...
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    You kidding me? The SDK does not allow App Store apps to run in the background. If you're talking about the FLYCAST that is in the App Store, this will never happen. It's just another limitation of the crApp Store.
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    Strange Battery Problem with 2.1

    This issue is addressed in this thread. My answer? I don't know! But you're not the only one.
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    (Sorry) "Unknown Error (1600)"

    Note: This solution I read on the Dev Team blog comments, and it worked for me as well. This is a much simpler method than downgrading your iTunes! Short Answer: Say NO to "Has your phone been pwned before." Long Answer: When you create your custom firmware in PwnageTool, and it asks you if...
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    Is your battery WORSE? Mine is.

    It seems many others are having this problem as well. See this article at the iPhone Blog. They also show links to MacRumors and Apple discussion boards with others having the same problem with battery life in 2.1.
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    pwned 3G 2.0.2 to 2.1 procedure to not lose apps?

    Cracked Apps are backed up in iTunes as well, if you used the IPA method. If you installed cracked apps via SSH (I'm assuming you didn't), then you need to back up the mobile/Documents and /Applications/Documents and mobile/Library/Preferences directories, and it's kinda complicated about how to...
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    Cycorder with audio!

    I found the audio to be relatively low as well.
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    What happened to Cycorder?

    Haha. Liberated, I think it's a fair question. Don't let these guys get to you. We will all wait patiently, but sometimes curiosity gets the best of us.