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  1. radmonkeyx

    Luxe series case by iFrogz

    i just ordered this case on amazon. my buddy has it and i saw his this past weekend and loved it
  2. radmonkeyx

    Baseball SLUGGERS! (any iPhone gamer should read)

    yeah, i did see that and wondered if that was all it was. i thought you could make it do it yourself. i obviously misread, thank ya
  3. radmonkeyx

    Baseball SLUGGERS! (any iPhone gamer should read)

    i read somewhere that you can call your shots. Like babe ruth style pointing to the outfield. has anyone done this? if so, how do you do it?
  4. radmonkeyx

    Baseball SLUGGERS! (any iPhone gamer should read)

    it has pause, touch the out/HR tracker sign thing at the top when batting
  5. radmonkeyx

    Baseball SLUGGERS! (any iPhone gamer should read)

    This is on sale today
  6. radmonkeyx

    Baseball SLUGGERS! (any iPhone gamer should read)

    yes, it is only homerun derby. Arcade, classic and matchup mode
  7. radmonkeyx

    Baseball SLUGGERS! (any iPhone gamer should read)

    love this game, very addicting.
  8. radmonkeyx

    MLB At Bat.

    i will be using the audio part for the first time today to listen to the rangers day game. i love the app also!
  9. radmonkeyx

    When does NFS come out?

    this sucks for NFS: sorry if this has already been posted. i did not see it any where
  10. radmonkeyx

    any password keeper recommendations?

    splashid for me, really easy to use. it is expensive at 9.99 though
  11. radmonkeyx

    Need For Speed Undercover - On Or After Nov. 18

    must be getting close:
  12. radmonkeyx

    Holidays into ical?

    not sure it works yet. I read those attachments things like this don't sync yet with mobile me. i have the longhorns football schedule also and that does not sync either. i heard there is a work around, not sure though. maybe someone else has some insight
  13. radmonkeyx

    Holidays into ical?

    glad to help, i have only had my imac for a year now and i seach Apple all the time for stuff. to make sure i am not missing out on anything.
  14. radmonkeyx

    Holidays into ical?

    this is what i use:
  15. radmonkeyx

    Your 10 Most Favorite Applications

    all app store: 1. Sportacular 2. The Weather Channel 3. Flick Bowling 4. i.TV 5. Trace - almost completed though 6. 21 Pro 7. Holy Bible 8. Splash ID 9. Now Playing 10. Shazam At Bat was number during basball season, now it doe not even make the list. I wish the NFL would come out with...
  16. radmonkeyx

    Splash ID updated to version 4.5

    i love the new update, great app
  17. radmonkeyx

    iCopter - released on App Store!

    I decided to buy it, very addicting game. 2 thumbs up from me. Not much to the game but I keep playing it
  18. radmonkeyx

    removing invisible shield question

    ok, thank you. are they all a little grainy in some spots? i really notice it when i am on a light colored screen. i hope "grainy" makes a little sense in how i am trying to describe the look
  19. radmonkeyx

    removing invisible shield question

    i have the invisible shield on my 3g iPhone screen and it seems grainy. if i take it off, can i just spray it again and put it back on? i was hoping this might take some of the grainy look out. i cleaned the screen and it was spotless before i put it on. i followed the directions it came...
  20. radmonkeyx

    Fantasy Football App

    i totally agree