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  1. Marianne

    Beta testers leaving bad reviews on apps that are not iOS 7 compatible

    Yeah, this is pretty sad. It must be so disappointing to the developers of the apps getting negative reviews that there are idiots out there who don't think beyond their own experience to realize that developers can't issue updates for beta versions immediately.
  2. Marianne

    iMac Good day, my iMac has shipped!

    Yay! I have a mid-2011 iMac and really like it. I'm sure you'll enjoy it!
  3. Marianne

    Do you want a bigger iPhone?

    I have to admit I find some of the slightly larger Android phones tempting though the Note is definitely too large. I wouldn't want a crazy large screen on an iPhone but I would dig one that's slightly bigger.
  4. Marianne

    Weird-looking "Trunk" cable is actually a very smart idea

    I wish they made these in black. I'd totally get one to use with my laptop – I love being able to see my iPhone's screen easily while I'm working and it would be far more reasonable to carry around than a dock.
  5. Marianne

    Transferring bookmarks to my laptop

    A little more information would be helpful. :) Is your new laptop running Windows or Mac OS? What browser do you prefer to use on your laptop and iPhone/iPad?
  6. Marianne

    Blast from the Past: PDA Deals at Amazon

    I remember those days! I used to read ebooks on my Palm V and was thrilled about how futuristic that felt.
  7. Marianne

    Help pairing iPhone Bluetooth with Hyundai

    You should have an option to choose your iPhone in the Audio Source menu visible during an active call, which should show you options like this: That's not my image but it's similar to what I see when my iPhone is connected to my car's Bluetooth system. Tapping on iPhone switches the call...
  8. Marianne

    Happy Birthday, Europa!

    Happy belated birthday, Mindi! :)
  9. Marianne

    Twitter #music app

    Hey! It wasn't awful. It wasn't great but it wasn't awful! :D I admit that I did have a hard time finding something worth sharing when I was trying it out...
  10. Marianne

    Velox - A new upcoming Cydia tweak

    Nice! I'd totally get that. Looking forward to its release...
  11. Marianne

    Any concerns over refurbished iPad 3 vs. iPad 4?

    You totally missed my point. Your opinion here is like saying you think Kuala Lumpur is the ugliest city in the world when you've never been there or even seen pictures of it in response to someone asking whether or not it's a good place to visit.
  12. Marianne

    Any concerns over refurbished iPad 3 vs. iPad 4?

    First, I'm not your little forum friend. Second, why would you even bother to reply in this thread if you have no direct experience with Apple's refurbished products? Not to mention that you said you don't even buy refurbished items at all. Why on earth do you think you'd even have an informed...
  13. Marianne

    Any concerns over refurbished iPad 3 vs. iPad 4?

    Have you ever purchased one of Apple's refurb products yourself so you can speak directly to what they're like? Here's an article from CNET describing the quality of Apple's refurbished products...
  14. Marianne

    Any concerns over refurbished iPad 3 vs. iPad 4?

    I purchased a refurb iMac last year and it's been great. Apple does an excellent job with their refurbs and they look as good as new and carry the same warranty as a new product. Since it sounds like your use your iPad a lot, I would recommend going with the newest model so it "lasts" longer...
  15. Marianne

    Who has seen this iPhone stungun case?

    If I remember correctly, this was a practical joke and not a real product. Interesting idea, though. I'm sure there are plenty of people who would actually want to buy a case like this.
  16. Marianne

    White iPhone 5 pics. Which color are you getting?

    I am very tempted by the white version since I really love the raw aluminum back but I'll probably go with a black one like I always have.
  17. Marianne

    Pre-Order Time

    Another midnight Pacific time pre-order start? Gah. Going to set my alarm for 2:50 am here on the East coast just like last year's pre-order day for the 4S. Hope Apple's systems are actually ready to handle the traffic this year and I don't have to stay up until 5am to actually get my order to...
  18. Marianne

    Do anyone use wireless speakers?

    I have a Jawbone Jambox speaker. It's portable and still gets loud enough for my needs, and works very well with my iPhone. Definitely recommend it.
  19. Marianne

    everythingiCafe Podcast

    Ha! I bet every listener will be googling "Megan Fox thumbs" now. (For the record, I know she has a hereditary syndrome that caused this issue with her thumbs. I'm not trying to make fun of her or anything like that - it's just a random fact about her I remembered off the top of my head.)
  20. Marianne

    Phone case / wallet

    I think finding a case to fit the Lifeproof is going to be difficult - every single one of the wallet-style cases I've seen so far will only accommodate a case-less iPhone. If that's do-able for you, Hex makes a new case that has everything else on your list.