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    Could the iPhone cause you to switch to a Mac?

    Ive used both for a while. Honestly speaking, computer use has never been more pleasurable then OS X. I still use Windows all day at work but I get so frustrated after all the issues. OS X is not just eye candy - it's just much better than XP - don't get me started on Vista! Now that I have...
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    Sirius on iPhone

    yes but i mean a practical solution. booting into bootcamp every morning before leaving for work won't happen and I haven't done parallels yet. I didn't have a great experience with the trial.
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    Sirius on iPhone

    patiently waiting for an os x solution!
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    SIM card in pay as you go phone?

    Thanks... let me add, if someone knows of some good deals on a used/refurb/new phone that would make a good iPhone replacement for a day at the game, let me know.
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    SIM card in pay as you go phone?

    Sorry for this post, I bet it's been covered but all the search terms related to "sim pay as you go" are ignored for being too short. I am attending some football games/tailgates this year and don't want to bring the iPhone with me for fear of losing it or damaging it. I see some nice deals on...
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    What exactly does the iPhone do that is so "revolutionary"

    Please stop with the non-sense already. The phone has been a joy to use for many people and I personally can vouch for the fact that *to me* it is the best phone I've ever owned in 10 years of owning cell phones (lots and lots of phones over those years)... by a huge margin. That is...
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    Try iPhone Remote: 200 GB+ of movies!

    I checked my real IP address from whatismyipaddress and tried the following link: https://ipaddress:5010/ and got a server not found. iPhone remote is running, so I assume the port is not forwarded? https://localhost:5010/ on my wifi network does work. The fios setup is strange for port...
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    Confirmed iPhone works with Alpine car stereo iPod hookup

    Im running custom setup with speakers/amps and I get that static bad too - I don't use it in the car anymore though after installing my carpc with 60 gigs of music :2cool:
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    Try iPhone Remote: 200 GB+ of movies!

    Thanks for the instructions. Ok, I have a snag somewhere as connecting to the dyndns account I setup doesn't work from the phone - it says safari can't find server. I don't know if I opened the port properly on the router - it is a little tricky on this verizon router. this is what the router...
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    Try iPhone Remote: 200 GB+ of movies!

    I've got a wired connection to an actiontec router (verizon fios issue). I believe i'm dynamic IP - but not certain.
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    Try iPhone Remote: 200 GB+ of movies!

    geordisjd - I used iPhone remote and it's fantastic but I don't know how to configure it to let me use it from outside of my own wifi network. Do you think you could post how to do it? I read through the google group for the program quick when it first came out but there were no detailed guides.
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    iPhoneMyeBay - Bid on eBay from your iPhone

    Good information, I look forward to checking it out.
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    Voicemail Feedback

    I could see that being helpful. I'm honestly in love with the visual voicemail and I think that I would have a hard time going back to regular. At work it sucks.
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    Any stars with the iPhone yet?

    lol! Please Hammer!
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    Helo, I'm a Zune, and I'm an iPhone ...

    How many resets should the treo have in a 30 sec commercial? 2 or 3? =)
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    Anyone received a shipping update from store?

    Do you not live near an Apple store? That's too bad. I've been to mine a few times in the past week and they've always had phones.
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    Confirmed iPhone works with Alpine car stereo iPod hookup

    I too checked this out the other day and was surprised just how well it worked. I'm using the Alpine 9857 with the full control cable. One issue I found though is some intermittent interference through the speakers. I assume its the phones "radio" and that by switching to airplane mode the...
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    What was your last phone before the iPhone?

    lol, dude, those phones probably go for $10 on ebay. I think you liked the attention ;) Anyway, past phones were: Sprint Moto Q Sprint Treo 700p Sprint Treo 650 Cingular Treo 650 iPhone solves a lot of problems these phones presented to me. I just was never fully happy with any of them.
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    OMG, My iPhone Will Not...

    WHAT AN IDIOT! Who takes the crust off their sandwhiches! MORON. YOU MUST BE A MORON! Also, who WALKS? That's why they made Segways.
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    OMG, My iPhone Will Not...

    Holy cow some of you need to get a life... that was funny and obviously drabbit echoes mine and I'm sure a lot of people's thoughts exactly... It's a phone. If you like it - enjoy it. Many people do. If you don't like it - you have 14 days to bring it back. Please do and enjoy your...