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    Rumor: iPhone Production Slows. FACT: Apple Stock Falls

    Once the market started listening to reputable analysts and investors, Apple stock stabilized. This is common for any tech stock, not just Apple. However, this is a problem across the entire market. Investors are so hungry for any news, they will react on anything they hear without...
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    cool device for your iPhone

    CDW is a reputable dealer. HOWEVER, before you hook anything up to your iPhone, double check to make sure it is indeed compatible with the iPhone. Personally, I'm waiting for an external battery device similar to what is available for iPods. Something that you can charge and attach to the...
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    Should I take my iPhone back?

    Dan, 1. Speaker volume -- I am not having a problem with my speaker volume. It is comparable to the volume I had on my old Razr V3. If you are in a high noise area, you might want to consider a bluetooth headset. I purchased the Jawbone for the times I am in a high noise environment and...
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    iPhone problem: Applications crash

    Return the phone Take the phone back to Apple if there is a store in your area. If you don't have a store nearby, call the Apple support line. If you go to the store, go visit the Genius Bar. This is definitely not normal. The phone either needs to be reinitialized (which can be done...
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    Does anyone know who fixes broken iPhones?

    Take it back to Apple Take the phone back to Apple (not AT&T). They are equipped to look at the phone for you and either send it back to Apple or replace it on-the-spot. If you are new to Apple, you will find that Apple has excellent customer service after the sale.
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    If I was Apple...

    Why not write Apple directly? Why not write Apple directly? Go to their iPhone forum and open a new thread. It is constantly monitored by Apple staff members.
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    I got this old Mac from the office today

    Mac User Groups Depending on where you live, check out to see if there is a MUG nearby. These guys can really help you get the most from this "antique".
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    iPhone update for the shareholders tomorrow?

    Apple news Historically, this is not how Apple releases this type of information. The news from the investor calls are generally about profits and this one will lay to rest how many iPhones were actually sold during the last 2 days of the quarter. By accounts that I read, 270,000 iPhones...
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    Does the iPhone REALLY get more criticism than it deserves?

    Well my blind mindless loyalty to Apple and the products it sells is based on the crap I ended up with when I bought other brands. I like being treated like a thinking human being when I go into an Apple store. I like talking to people who know their products and give me thoughtful responses...
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    iPhone Discrimination

    I get it too I get this stuff too. My dad thinks I'm crazy. But, he grew up during the Great Depression, so he thinks anything more than $19.95 for a phone is crazy. The people at work oohhh and aaahhhh over the phone. But, they are too cheap to buy one. Give me more time. We have an...
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    iPhone a Trojan Horse for the Goverment Surveillance?

    ? Oh, please. Give us a break. Next, we'll be seeing facts that using the phone is secretly reprogramming our brains. Oh, one moment please, I just had an unexplained brain core dump. :laugh2:
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    Questions for iPhone owners

    Questions and answers 1- What were your expectations of the iPhone and did the phone live up to your expectations? A: That it would tie together, in true Apple form, all of the features we have on a multitude of other cell phones in a way that blew them all away. It does meet and exceed my...
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    Describe your iPhone in one word.

    One word Remarkable.
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    My story So here is another testimonial. I purchased my iPhone on that Friday night. I activated it on Saturday morning. Later that weekend, I talked to my children who were on vacation and they asked that I would get them each a phone. (Yes Virginia, they did reimburse me.) They did...
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    AT&T only activated 142,000 iPhones the last 2 days of June

    Big deal Big deal! Apple never predicted those numbers, just analysts who have their own reasons for coming up with their numbers. The only thing that will matter is if, over the long term, Apple meets its published numbers through 2008. I never listen to the guessors. Their...
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    Get the iPhone, or wait?

    To wait, or not to wait.... Waiting is up to you. It's like saying, "I know that better MacBook is coming out in the next few months, do I wait or not?" General consensus is that if it makes sense to buy, then buy now. Be aware that Apple is currently consuming 25% of the NAND flash...
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    iPhone has MAJOR problems

    No major problems here I have an 8 Gb iPhone, and the volume is just fine. As good as my old Razr. As for your texts. Are they coming from Cingular/AT&T customers or other systems? Most all of the texts I get are from AT&T customers and I have gotten them all.
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    Anyone really rich own an iPhone and willing to reveal themselves?

    Rich? I am NOT rich, but I am comfortable in my lifestyle. Buying the iPhone was not a major set back. And, I live in a nice area. I am enjoying my iPhone. It does what I want it to do, let's me easily stay in touch and allows me to do some great things (i.e. find a good restaurant...
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    Shareholder I am a longtime shareholder. And yes, I am very excited about the share price as well as the prospect for some great products in the foreseeable future. I am the only Apple stockholder in my office. When the price goes down, some of my co-workers come by to let me know (like...
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    Apple Care for iPhone now available

    This article was just posted on the AppleInsider website. cj sparrow