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    1.58Mbps on 3G in Nashville,TN!

    I am from Nashville and was back visiting family last month. I noticed the 3G coverage there was much better than here in The Houston area, where it is very spotty. I lived in Franklin for several years, grew up east of Nashville.
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    iPhone 3G Cases Customer Review Section

    I emailed them at least three times before ordering and always got a response by the next day at the latest. Their communications with me was excellent so too bad you haven't had the same experience. I used the link on their web site and they were excellent at answering all my questions in a...
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    iPhone 3G Cases Customer Review Section

    I just received the new iSkin Revo case and holster. Great case, fits perfectly, has the protection for the headset jack and also the connection where the charger is attached, all perfectly fitted. The plastic screen protector also fits well on the front and back (for storage) of the case, no...
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    Well, Apple wouldn't sell me a 3G phone

    The Apple store can call ATT and have them take the code off, buy the phone, then just call ATT and have them reinstate the code for the discount. I stood in line the day it came out and was first told I couldn't buy it. The Apple guy was very nice, called ATT and it was fixed in just a couple...
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    3G iPhone Owners: Does GPS show latitute and longitude coordinates?

    I don't think it does, can't find it anywhere anyways and I believe I read that it did not. Hopefully with some of the Navigation Apps this feature will be available.
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    Has your iPhone paid for itself yet?

    Mine has paid for itself several times over. I am an airline pilot and receive email updates on different trips, some way more productive and I am able to trade them via the internet. The first week I had it it paid for itself in one trade.
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    Feedback To Apple

    I am sure Mr. Jobs is scared to death and Apple's stock will head South for sure, especially since you called it. This forum has to have the most immature, worthless whiners of any forum I have ever been on. You idiots buy a $600 phone and then do nothing but cry about it and the lack of...
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    9/11 - Lest we forget.

    Obviously you are an idiot!
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    V moda vibe headphones?

    They, V-Moda, are coming out with a newer version in October I believe that has the pause/FF/rewind feature. I emailed them about two weeks ago and the reply was it would be released by October. I have the current V-Moda Duo which only has the microphone and it does not need a special jack, it...
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    8GB iPhone is now going to be $399

    The only people that are pissed are the little immature punks who thought they were special because they, or their parents, were the only ones who could afford an iPhone. It made them feel superior and special, now some "regular" people might be able to afford one so they don't feel so special...
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    V-Moda iPhone Vibe and Shure I2C-m-in-ear headset review

    Thanks, I'll give them a call tomorrow. I found one store in Texas that had some in stock and they wouldn't ship them to me.
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    V-Moda iPhone Vibe and Shure I2C-m-in-ear headset review

    I just bought the Shure SE210's with the new modular cable. Now, I cannot find the Shure Music Phone Adapter anywhere. Apple's web site states it is on back order for 2-3 months and none of the Apple stores nearby have them in stock. Anyone else having trouble finding them?
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    Apple Bluetooth Headset = Bad!

    I recently took my first Apple headset back and so far my new one is excellent. My first one would not connect to my phone at times, so far so good with this one.
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    Apple store suggestions

    I have the Apple Blue Tooth headset and the leather incase that clips on my belt. I am happy with both but like the looks of the new Revo case also but I am not for sure how it clips on, I do not like some of the swivel cases that might allow the phone to fall out.
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    celebrities with iPhones?

    Well, Long Beach to Chicago, I don't think that airline has first class available. I have seen numerous stars in coach though, most are those with kids.
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    iPhone = Babe Magnet

    Go Blue Raiders!
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    iPhone = Babe Magnet

    Anyone who gives a crap about what any female or anyone else thinks about keeping their iPhone in a holster needs to get a little bit of confidence. I would especially think a school teacher would understand this but then again we wonder why half the kids come out of school and all they care...
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    Anybody selling their Blackberry after buying the iPhone?

    I am going to sell my Cingular 8125, anything special I need to do to it before I get rid of it? I have never sold any of my previous phones and wasn't for sure if I needed to do anything.
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    Anyone else happy with the purchase

    Perfect, no problems and activation was about 3 minutes from start to finish.
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    Wow. 500,000 iPhones sold so far!

    I figured 500,000 is low, my Apple store sold a 1,000 alone, sold out yesterday afternoon. I purchased 5 from them alone, one for my wife and me, and 3 for friends that live out of state and their Apple store was sold out. The policy is two "per body".