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    Need help for my speech class

    what about the future of cell phones. I need a list of things that people want in future cell phones battery life tv higher resolution in cameras larger memory
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    Need help for my speech class

    yeah thats crazy $5000++++ for a phone thats not even loaded Made out of the same tiles used underneath the space shuttle? why would you need that on a phone lol
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    iPhone doesn't tell me I have voicemail quick enough.

    would it take longer for you to get notified by the the phone if the person left you a 2 min long message compared to a just a quick 10 sec one?
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    starbucks gift card free iTunes

    . at the starbucks add money to it or I think you can activate it by calling
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    starbucks gift card free iTunes

    If anyone wants the song "Moon" by Emily King here is 2 codes I didn't use whoever wants them click redeem on iTunes LKYKENMA3FHP KN6N39TXLPXW
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    starbucks gift card free iTunes

    at the starbux ive been to the ones at the mall and the one by my house they just have the "song of the day cards" laying there just take them I don't think they care if you buy anything or not. The starbucks cards with free 2 iTunes... the register has to activate them add money then register...
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    Need help for my speech class

    Future of cell phones? Im doing a speech on the history of cell phones I want to add what the most expensive and cheapest phones is -Anyone know what the most expensive cell phone in the world is? I googled it up and found the Vertu? -Anyone know what the cheapest phone to buy? I know...
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    iTunes installing problems

    hmm dunno what else to tell you then.. did iTunes work before? what issues were you having? How did you uninstall iTunes? control panel? add/remove?
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    iTunes installing problems

    My computer I know when theres an iTunes update I actually go to the Apple web site and download the latest iTunes on there because if I update it via iTunes where this things pops up and says there a new update mine does this same thing. just acts busy for a min then nothing.... where did...
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    iTunes installing problems

    restart computer then install? nm you did that didn't read
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    "Heroes" is this show really THAT good?!

    Im trying to rent this on netflix and when I add it to my queue it gets added as an HD DVD which I do not have Can anyone with netflix see if there is a regular DVD version to this I know on some movies they have this down arrow to switch between HD DVD BLU RAY and DVD but Heroes seems to just...
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    Album artwork

    you can drag pictures to the bottom left side on iTunes
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    Shure and AT&T launch exclusive iPhone headset

    kewl thanks for posting. I use these shure headphones now I love them I was going to buy an adapter for it so I can use it on the phone but if this works straight out of the box im buying em.
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    Is an iPhone headphone adapter "essential"?

    what brand are they? the ones you bought at bestbuy Ive been looking for ones this small.
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    iPhone Video in Landscape

    if your watching a video and holding the phone with 2 hands on the sides your hand can grip the sides without the headphones interfering if the home button is on the left. headphone input is on upper right so it wont interfere with the hands. is what he is saying maybe..
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    Rumor: 3G iPhone with GPS coming soon?

    yeah I agree with you. Im happy with the current iPhone I use just about every feature on it.. if there ever is an update great if not no big deal for me. I don't need faster internet. GPS my car has that.
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    song in nano commercial?

    its by feist orsomething called 1234 i saw it on youtube
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    Anyone doing the same thing as me with their credit?

    If it is true it might not be a long time....
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    iPod touch being sold early?

    yeah they had them displayed at the Apple store near me but don't know if they are selling them or not. but someone on this forum already has one on the ipod section with pics so I guess they are.
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    How do I upgrade my data plan?

    cant you change/ add features at the att website also? I thought I saw something where you can but im not sure. last time i tried to log in it said my account was locked or something and I would have to call.