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    Exchange Email Setup Problems

    Just because IMAP is enabled on the server doesn't mean that it's available externally. Ports 143 (unsecured) or 993 (secured) are required in your company's firewall for this to work, properly mapped to the Exchange Server or an ISA server in the DMZ.
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    I managed to get ALL of my Exchange folders

    My personal opinin is that any pinhole adds risk - you need to watch them, understand the traffic profile that should or should not be hitting those ports, monitor for anomalies, and you should be fine. Having said that, there is a big difference between using an SSL connection for RPC/HTTP or...
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    VPN and Exchange

    So quick question (or maybe not so quick) - I'm sending and receiving email, but when I delete items from the iPhone, they still appear in Outlook. basically I need to go through and re-delete everything. These items are marked as read, but it's rather a large pain in the rump, and I was hoping...