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    If I'm jailbroken, does it mean my iPhone is unlocked?

    Both my wife and my iPhones are on 1.0.2 and our iTunes is version and both phones have mods (but not unlocked) I don't want to upgrade (for now at least) to 1.1.1 so how do I keep that from happening? How does the phone get updated to 1.1.1? If I dock my phone and sync it will it...
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    See the attached.
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    Deleting APPS?

    I can't delete with WinSCP either and the reason is because I can't unzip natetrue's binkit... I'm using the evaluation version of winzip so maybe that's the problem? Could someone send me just the rm file that I need out of the binkit zip file?
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    Making the ring LOUDER! I can barely hear it.

    Yes, internal speaker. That just "turns the speaker's volume knob" all the way up... Which is still weak. I'm going to edit a ringtone volume in iTunes like someone posted already when I get a chance... It works on my iPods so it should work the same for the phone
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    Making the ring LOUDER! I can barely hear it.

    To max the volume of your external speaker... on your phone go to settings/ipod/volume limit/lock volume limit/enter a volume limit code/ then enter zero in each of the four boxes and then re-enter the same thing.
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    Had to take a pic with my camera, haven't done the screenshot mod because it looks a little complicated for me. I used some logos and pics that have meaning to me (daughter, wife, dog, my MX number plate, etc) and I'll probably end up changing them a lot. I want to get rid of the text on the...