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    Best headphones

    take a look at the Bang & Olufson it has an ear clip and not an in the ear far I like it the best.
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    Clippy: Copy and Paste

    Mine does not seem to work. I do not have the cut paste boxes as seen in the demos. I have there something I need to do to activate this?
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    Run apps in the background - New app on Cydia.

    correct but with it running with performance...background will not work on any other program unless I turn intelliscreen performance off.
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    Run apps in the background - New app on Cydia.

    is there going to be an update to use this with Intelliscreen without shutting off the performance booster?
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    IntelliScreen update question

    I am still having one issue...when I swipe an email to read it all the screen grows bigger than the normal intelliscreen area and the upper third is under the time/date...
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    replacement headphone with mic button...

    Well I am 50 and they seem fine to my ears but mids and bass is what I typically hear these days....I definitely adjust and fine tune with the equalizer... you will have to take them for a spin to determine whats best for store does sell them and you have 14 days to try them...
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    replacement headphone with mic button...

    My latest is the Bang & Olufsen earset it much better than the others i have tried including the vmoda...much more comfortable to wear and to use to talk and sing along with iTunes.... they are expensive but well worth it...sound quality is excellent and been told microphone is...
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    What's your ringtone?

    theme for Gilligans Island
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    Full Body Invisible Shield - Corners! UGH!

    same thing corners look terrible....I have tried and decided to get a Naked Case...don't like the way the corners turn out with this.
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    address book...could not get added pix to sync

    I added a new address book entry on my home synced and the new contact appeared on my iPhone. I then added a photo of the new entry...however I could not get this to update the iPhone at all.... I ended up had to turn off contact sync on the deleted the address...
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    Does MobileMe support NON "" email addresses?

    well got this well when I did your suggestion it does work...but when I send a test to my outlook work account I got this in the header: SurfCityEd []; on behalf of; SurfCityEd [ed@p****.com] where p****.com is my domain name.... so it still shows gmail in some ways.
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    iPhone 2.0 update wishlist

    email with voice mail .wav files Just would like to listen to my voice mail wav files.....right now it thinks it is a movie .... but they play in all Apple needs to do it add the wav hard it that?
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    Jailbreak software for 1.1.2 released by Dev Team

    missing summerboard from Installer This worked without issue on PC but couldn't get it to unzip on my mac. But now installer is missing summerboard...have the themes...but no app. any thoughts? thanks
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    summerboard is missing from Installer

    I upgraded to 1.1.2 and then reinstalled installer app..via the jailbreak method... Now I can not find summerboard in the installer list of apps... any thoughts on how to get this and install it. I have community sources installed...but still no summerboard...have all the themes...
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    wav email attachments now active but don't play still

    its whatever Microsoft Exchange server creates.....Is there a way to tell? It works on my Apple in Quicktime....
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    Undocumented new 1.1.1 features.......

    Wav files will not open. can't play wav files....quicktime says can't play movie....haven't tried mp3's in my email yet...but wav files won't open still unless someone been able to determine why. Apple does not know.
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    wav email attachments now active but don't play still

    In 1.1.1 update WAV attachments are now active like excel, word and pdf attachments. When you select it - it starts quicktime but I get a message: This movie could not be Played - Anyone else having this problem or know how to work around this. I call Apple support...but was told this update...
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    anyone been able to get ringtones in 7.4.2 to work

    I saw the post about just changing the extensions back to m4r and the new version of iTunes would recognize them again. This has not worked for me and I have not heard or seen anything from any of the software providers if this has or can be fixed. Anyone hear anything or know something?
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    Wall Charger issue

    same here....actually will discharge the battery Yes...mine started doing the same thing in the pass couple of will actually discharge the iPhone....I will plug it in and watch as the charge is drained from the phone. Its been working since June 29 without issue.
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    iFuntastic 3 Released!

    blank space holders on the screen and issue. When I mod the looks great....I didn't put the page 1,2,3,4 buttons because I am not using these extra screens...but the problem I am seeing is that when you touch the empty space holder...the iPhone things its a program and trys to start...