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    returning iPhone to activation status for resale?

    Would like to know this too I want to sell my iPhone
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    Why is my bill so high

    I received my bill and it's $254.27. I have the 1350 mins plan, can anyone tell me why my bill is so high. Will my next bill be lower? I also notice that I did'nt get my rollover minutes. I only used 960 mins last month. :frown:
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    Carbon Fiber iPhone cases, coming soon

    I'm in please let me know when you have this up for sell..
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    iPhone Specific Sites?

    Would like to know too..........
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    Checking sports news?

    I'm looking for one that will gives you play by play updates..Does anyone know of one
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    Would You Still Get It?

    Buy it you will LOVE it. I would never go back to my old phone or Sprint..It also cracks me up how some people had bash AT&T about there service. Let me tell you I have better service now then I did with Sprint..VERY HAPPY:smile:
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    Software update?

    You will have a better chance going to Vegas and winning $10,000 before there is an update..:laugh2:
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    Transfer photos from iPhone to the PC

    Thanks for the info
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    Transfer photos from iPhone to the PC

    Is there a way to transfer photos from your iPhone to your PC? I know you can e-mail them but I want to be able to transfer all the photos that I have taken with my iPhone to my computer.
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    Has anyone used this software to convert DVD's to your iPhone

    How is this software to convert DVD's to your iPhone? Only one click, is this true?
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    Great little app

    Very nice link
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    how do you open Multimedia texts

    I received a Multimedia texts today and don't know how to open it. can anyone tell me how to do this...
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    Watching movies on iPhone

    Hey, whats the best way to convert DVD's to iPhone?
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    DVD to iPhone converter

    Is Wondershare DVD to iPhone Converter the one to get to rip DVD's so you can view them on your iPhone..How does it work? Will the movies go into iTunes once they are converted over so you can then load the movie to you iPhone..
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    Does your phone get warm when charging

    Just wondering if the phone should get warm when charging. I woke up and my phone was warn after charging
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    Charing yuor phone over is this ok

    I charged my phone over nite and notice that my phone was warm to the touch, is this normal. I don't want the phone to burn up please let me know if this is ok.
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    Charging your iPhone

    Thank you very much I just wanted to be sure...
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    Charging your iPhone

    Is it ok to use the wall charger that came with the ipod to charge the iPhone with? Also is it ok to let your phone charger over night?
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    Will iTunes ever offer games

    I was just wondering if iTunes will ever offer games for the iPhone. If they can do that for the ipod they should be able to do that for the iPhone