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    Sidekick 3 or iPhone?

    How can SK beat iPhone? About the features, Sk can't stand a chance to iPhone.:wink:
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    Shure Earphones for the iPhone coming soon

    Probably when you plug it in, you can not hear anything except the music, and that was cool :laugh2:
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    What stuff are you gonna get with the phone?

    I just want a blue tooth. A car charger & standalone non dock charger is fine:smile:
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    What if I have no credit?

    In that case you should try prepaid service, I did it twice:wink:
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    Multi touch screen!

    I hope I can get used to it, because I've never try cell phone without keys. If it works, i wish i could save enough money to buy.
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    iTunes Video

    But which software do we need to transfer the movie to Ipod? My friend asked me once, and I said I didn't know. Please help, maybe in the future I'll buy one:gasp:
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    Will th Nano Come Down in Price After Christmas?

    The price keep going down every 3 months, like the shuffle and now no one want it anymore. I got one at home, and have no idea what to do with it, it's my 2005 Christmas gift $99 512 MB, it sucks I can tell:frown:
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    iPhone v2.0 wish list

    I just want they can increase the pixel quality & music storage:wink:
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    I already have an iPod, should I get an iPhone?

    In that case, i think you should buy an iPhone, because it combines 3 features together; or maybe you should wait until something called Ultimate iPhone come out because it's only 8 GB. I just want it more maybe 30 GB:smile:
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    100 Gig?

    I was thinking the same as you, and i hope it could possibly happen, because i don't think Ipod can handle that much right now:smile: