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    AT&T Service shut down in OC California 92707

    Update - it did indeed turn out to be AT&T turning off their roaming agreement with T-Mobile in my area. Good news is AT&T are going to put in a new tower .... wait for it .... in 2009! I'm thinking it's time to unlock and move on .....
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    AT&T Service shut down in OC California 92707

    For this past week my iPhone has had no service at my house (92707) after numerous calls to AT&T I finally get a call back today informing me they have been turning off cell towers in my area (I'm wondering if this had anything to do with the old Cingular & T-Mobile roaming agreements?)...
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    Applejon says iChat WILL NOT be in the upcoming update

    Tamakin - suggest you go let off some fireworks, you're stressing way too much over this.
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    Have questions about iPhone? Apple tech here

    Is there a way to filter IMAP email into specific folders (same as using rules in Mail)? I get a lot of email and filtering makes things a lot easier!