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    iPhoneBrowser - Best App to MODIFY !

    I installed iPhoneBrowser but it always has an error and requires to close, I tried iBrikr and it stays on the screen trying to contact iPhone, I don't know what to do. I can't figure out WinSCP at all. I have XP SP2 incase you need to know, please help.
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    Please help with IBrickr

    I wants to upload ROMs for my emulsators such as NES I download onto my iPhone
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    Please help with IBrickr

    thanks I will try that
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    Please help with IBrickr

    I can't get it to go beyond the screen where it says and it is plugged in what should I do? Thanks for your help: Welcome to iBrickr! iBrickr is the easy way to customize your iPhone. Please wait while we contact your iPhone. If your iPhone is not plugged in please plug in the USB cable now.
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    How to install in under 5 min (without using WinSCP or setting permissions)

    I downloaded iBrickr and it keeps saying trying to connect and find iPhone, I cannot get it to work. What should I do? I can't figure out WinSCP
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    how to activate Bluetooth of iPhone

    Thanks I was wondering why I was unable to file transfer from my Palm treo, but you just resolved that issue.
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    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    Saying hello. I'm new