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    Hidepod for 2.2.1 . . . ?

    so, I'm looking for an app to hide pics and videos that I don't want the whole world to see. I know hidepod works on 1.x FW, I was wondering if there was a similar app for the 1st Gen iPhone running 2.2.1 FW? Picvault and Photo Safe freeze and don't work, and I can't find anything else in the...
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    winpwn released for 2.0

    I followed these instructions, and successfuly jailbroke my 1st gen firmware 2.0 iPhone, but iTunes could not restore it from the backup so I need to undo all of that and do a fresh restore from DFU mode. Gunna wait a little longer until they have this perfected before trying again.
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    Adobe Flash

    Rumor has it Mozilla is making a web browser for the iPhone, so it may provide flash support. Fingers crossed!
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    Help! What should I do

    Should still work, but in case it isn't clear as to what to do: 1) buy an iPhone and walk out of the store and proceed to laugh at every cell phone you see until you reach you car. 2) go home and plug in your new phone, and launch iTunes 3) go through the steps, and when asked for your SSN...
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    1.1.1 OR 1.1.2 Help!

    Provided I understood your question correctly, I believe you were asking for advice on 1.1.1 vs 1.1.2? If so (and if not please ignore me) I must, of course, say the answer is a matter of preference. If you are content with 1.1.1 (which is what I use, only because I don't want to have to...
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    aSMS application

    Sorry, must've misunderstood you. My bad! ^^;
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    First Day owner questions

    try re-syncing the iPhone first of all and make sure that all goes smoothly. Also, the coverflow on your iPhone is sorted in "Album by Artist" order which, if your iTunes coverflow is sorted different, might change quite a few things. Make sure your stuff in iTunes is sorted right and try again.
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    aSMS application

    Try installing the program called "Dock". It allows you to view/use all your installed apps without having the icons crowd your SummerBoard (SummerBoard is the screen you see as your "Home" where all your icons for apps are and stuff). EDIT: If you want to change/add icons to your SummerBoard...
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    iPhone keyboard glitch?

    Nevermind, Apple offered to give me a new iPhone. works for me!
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    iPhone keyboard glitch?

    I edited my post.
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    iPhone keyboard glitch?

    I had a Power Support Crystal Film Set for iPhone on my phone for almost as long as I oxned the thing(since mid August), but last night I decided to take it off. (It had been quite used, and was starting to become quite unattractive looking) I was going to put on the second one that came in the...
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    Customize 1.17?

    If you run firmware 1.0.2 though, xlaunch wont work. Ive used the old Summerboard app though, and itll hide some of your icons. It looks better than having all your apps on your springboard.
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    unwanted incoming texts count on plan?

    I would recommend taking to Att or your friend about that. I don't know of a way to block numbers on the phone itself, but Att should be able to do something.
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    Modimus Picimus

    My mod picture.
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    Pay as you go plans

    To get prepaid you MUST fail a credit check during the activation of your iPhone. The easiest way to do this is by entering all 9's as your social security number, you'll fail, and you can pick prepaid. It has a few plans, and it shows you all the plans and options, you pick one, pay before the...
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    how to get apps on iPhone?

    download iBrickr and it'll talk you through it.
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    Help Please!

    iBrickr should be basically automatic, just make sure iTunes is closed and all the processes are ended. (Ctrl+Alt+Del- Processes- iTunes.exe and iTuneseHelper need to be ENDED) and it should work.
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    Got a question new to modding

    Reset your iPhone? Or you could try removing the files using iPhoneinterface.
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    Pay as you go plans

    I have prepaid, and you pay $50 up front every month, get unlimited data, and 200 minutes. There is no extra taxes or charges or sneaky little fees. Simple, straight forward, and easy!
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    Just Went To AT&T Store..

    I just got back from the Apple Store where I bought my iPhone, and while they tried to sell me on the $100 rebate next week, I eventually got them to give me $216 in the form of an Apple gift card. I just demanded to talk to a Sales Lead, and told him I was over the 14 day limit, so he did an...