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    Will it work overseas?

    The iPhone is quad-band GSM, so it should work in many countries... it's just a matter of when it will be released.
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    What about iPhone's market potential?

    The seemingly well integrated email functionality of the iPhone could put it in competition with the Blackberry, which is heavily used in businesss. Although, as I understand it, the iPhone isn't up to normal push email standards, which could render it moot in the corporate world.
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    It is kinda silly that they feature a large widescreen display for beautiful movie playback and then go and make the storage no larger than a Nano. And ratmeat, they're actually claiming that there won't be third party development for the iPhone.
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    Will iPhone support apps?

    The official line is that iPhone won't initially be opened for 3rd party development, but I imagine that it would have to eventually, as this could really kill the device. Anyway, if people can figure out how to run Linux on an iPod, someone will certainly figure out how to develop for the iPhone.
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    Is the iPhone GSM?

    I don't know who this guy is, but for what it's worth: From"There's no confirmed reports that Apple will launch iPhone in Canada," he said in an interview.