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    Current AT&T users can help people swithing save some money

    When someone who is currently an AT&T customer knows someone who recently signs up with AT&T, they can fill out a referral form and both parties get $25.
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    Current AT&T users can help people swithing save some money

    Willing to help out with AT&T Referrals, I have used 1 and it is quick and easy! Send me a PM if interested, thanks!
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    Which LCD model does your iPhone have? *READ*

    I agree 100% with the fact that it has to do with the touchscreen and the way it senses and uses movement. I compared both a 7 and a 5 and they both have the grid, so I don't know what these people are talking about:confused:
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    Which is the best DVD to iPhone?

    I like to use NERO Recode from NERO 7. It actually has quite a few options as far as cropping, audio, quality, and resolution.
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    iPhone keeps going back to Home screen

    I too would like to know, it happens here once in a while...
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    Applejon says iChat WILL NOT be in the upcoming update

    Applejon has a whopping 22 posts
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    Anyone else experience iPhone envy from public?

    I was in best buy the other day trying to find headphones to fit my iPhone (obviously unsuccessful) and an employee came up to me and all he really said was, "an iPhone huh, I've really only heard bad things about those so far." I was like whatever, where the heck have you been!
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    Please help me with e-mail account for AT&T dsl

    If you haven't found it yet I believe the following information is correct... POP: SMTP: Good luck, hope this helps!