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    What are you expecting from iPhone?

    What Functionalities is the iPhone missing?
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    What are you expecting from iPhone?

    I plan on using the iPhone as a cell phone, some data usage, but mostly as a general smart phone - especially iCal. I won't be using the ipod feature on it much as I already have a 60GB ipod
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    MP3s as Ringtones: Does it really matter?

    ringtones My guess it will be like the motorola ROKR where if you are using the ipod feature of the phone and the phone rings, the current phone stops and you can go back to the song after the call. does anyone know how you can transfer ringtones? my only guess is you can select any song on...
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    iPhone on target for end of June

    june 15 June 15th is supposedly the day its going to be released. which is the last day of the mac convention
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    iPhone v2.0 wish list

    Higheer MP Camera I would like to see a higher MP camera also, but I don't think it's possible. Take for instance, a camcorder - not a dedicated camera. Most have the ability to take pictures, but most will take cell-phone quality pictures (.3-1 MP) unless you go to higher end camcorder (with...