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    Surprises Waiting for Everyone....

    Congratulations- that's the funniest thing I've read in quite some time! :laugh2: -CJ
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    Standing in line, waiting?

    Is there an echo in here?! For once, I wasn't far off on a prediction! yes me! Go me, go me. It's my Birthday.... Woot woot! :laugh2: -CJ
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    Just found out-Data Plan-$39.99!

    Yup. I'm in the same boat. Ain't gonna happen. If that's the case, I'll get my wife one on the 29th, and I'll just use my old cell and borrow hers as often as I can! Then I'll consider buying an iPhone 2.0 in 2008 when, hopefully, ATT sees how ridiculous $80/mo is for data in one household, and...
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    News about iPhone KEYPAD/KEYGLASS

    Nope, multitouch only works with right hand index finger or left hand pinky finger. Sorry! -CJ
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    What income bracket are you in.. also your age?

    I have no idea why people get so weird about what they make... CEO salaries are all published for the world to see. What's the diff? When I was 22 I was making $44K, $55K at 23, $71K + bonus at 26 ... now 30 yrs old. 95K - 110K per year (including and depending on bonus). Not worried about...
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    At&t Said Today....

    Well, if I were a store manager for ATT, I would want to create a buzz by having as many people as possible line up outside the store... so if I had 50 iPhones, I would hand out passes that guarantee an iPhone to the first 48 in line, and then raffle off the other 2 to the rest of the people...
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    Your Worst Fears?

    My #1 fear has always been an expensive data plan... >$20/mo is totally unreasonable for a data plan with no 3G capability. My #2 fear would be new customer plan discounts and iPhone 2.0 with 3G capability this Christmas, after owning iPhone 1.0 for 5.5 months. -CJ
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    HTC Touch

    case in point: The interface is disastrous... chicklet menu bar buttons, you have to manually change the screen orientation (really makes the user and the phone both look stupid), apps menu looks very Windows 3.0, tons of nested drop down menus. etc. This would not be an enjoyable interface...
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    iPhone in the wild?

    I'm telling you, it's the ZuneFone™! Only MS could make a product that you would have to stick your tongue out and furrow your eyebrows in concentration to use! (It is runored that the ZuneFone™ will use MultiFrustration™, instead of MultiTouch™ as the human-machine interface). -CJ
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    Prada Phone?

    I just can't get past the user interface. Man, it's bad. -CJ
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    Is the iPhone screen shock proof?

    Yeah, tell me about it! Next laptop will have it. iPhones will too. It's just too easy to drop something portable. Oddly, I never dropped my 3G iPod before it was stolen, and I hadn't dropped my wife's iPod mini until just last week (on a concrete driveway- it is fine... not even a scratch)...
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    Is the iPhone screen shock proof?

    I had a Handspring PDA (a visor, I think it was), back in 2000, and I had it in my shirt pocket. I was vacuuming my apartment, and bent over to move the vacuum cord out of the way of the vacuum head. The PDA came out of my pocket and fell about 18 inches and hit the plastic head of the vacuum...
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    Standing in line, waiting?

    You know, the more I think about it, Steve won't leave the iPhone purchasing experience to become complicated wrt to plans. I bet there will be three special iPhone plans: a basic (X number of minutes, no data plan), a better (X+ number of minutes, unlimited data plan), and a best (X++...
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    Prada Phone?

    Check out the Prada interface in this Engadget video demo: It will make your head spin- beginning with the "Teradactyl Scream®" startup sound. And then it gets worse. Much, much worse. -CJ
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    iPhone in the wild?

    It's the soon-to-be-released ZuneFone™. The guy's facial expression gives it away completely. -CJ
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    2 Questions

    Speaker sounded good during Jobs' demo, but it was amped, I'd assume. I doubt it was EQ'ed, however, and it didn't sound tinny. -CJ
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    Standing in line, waiting?

    I don't understand how people are going to stand in line to be the first to pick up an iPhone... Doesn't everyone need to know what the service plan options are? This is my biggest holdup, and the one that keeps this from being a "total impulse buy" for me. Now, if I knew the plans and monthly...
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    WWDC Guesses?

    Right, I mean, everyone will be waiting to hear about the iPhone, so if he doesn't get that out of the way first, no one will hear anything else he says, I would think? -CJ
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    WWDC Guesses?

    My guess is that Jobs will talk about the iPhone at WWDC. I think it would be bad press not to. I'm guessing Jobs will roll out a 3rd part app certification process for the iPhone, which will tie into WWDC. Jobs will also demo "X 10.5," along with all the secret sauce stuff, as promissed, and...
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    New photo of iPhone...

    Neat new front image Showing some of the finer points of the iPhone design, like the flatness of the front of the iPhone, and the carbon-colored backside piece, etc: -CJ