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    iPhone & Alpine iPod car adapter

    I just installed an Alpine deck (CDA 9887 model) in my car four weeks ago with the Alpine iPod adapter and it works fine with my iPhone! Yes, you get the "not a supported model, do you want to put in airplane mode" message when you connect the iPhone but if you just select "no" as many have...
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    Email Connects but doesn't download

    I have the same problem with my work email account! I entered the same info from my old phone and on the iPhone all I get is the same "load 25 more messages" message.. Anyone have an answer?
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    A Thought on Volume Problems

    Hey johnnythrux, that was a GREAT tip! I too made the silly mistake of leaving the plastic cover on and had a momentary "mental meltdown" with the "low volume problem.." I was ready to bring the phone in to the store and complain like some of the other posts. Then I read this and DUH.. Works...
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    Nokia BH-900 and iPhone?

    OK, not sure WHY.. But the first time I tried to make a call, I didn't get the buttons to select which "speaker" to use (it gives you the option to use the bluetooth head set, the iPhone, or the speaker phone) and that's when I got NO VOLUME in teh ear piece.. I just tried it again (turned the...
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    Nokia BH-900 and iPhone?

    Has anyone tried the Nokia BH-900 with their iPhone yet? I tried mine and the microphone works fine (the person I am calling can hear me speaking just fine), but I can't hear a thing through the ear piece.. REALLY sucks! Not sure if it's just my unit or a bug with this particular Nokia ear piece..