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    Will you buy iPhone II ?

    it has to be way better than the new current iPhone.
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    iPhoneRingToneMaker 2!

    nice update. How's the volume boost?
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    Is it bad to always have iPhone plugged in?

    the iPhone battery is different. Letting it die is bad... Keeping it plugged in is actually good. Its backwards from what we all know with batteries. Its on Apples website
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    Otterbox (not released yet)

    doesn't sound too good
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    Is anyone going to miss YouTube on the iPhone?

    :tounge:that sucks
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    leopard launching date info

    I will buy an iMac when they ship with the new OS on it
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    Thoughts on iPhone 1.1.1

    I agree I like my phone more now that its normal without the hacks even though the themes were cool but on well I can still make calls use the iPod and everything so whatever its not a big deal
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    How do I know if I unlocked my phone?

    my update worked with installer on tehre but after the update was over it went back to factory plus the iTunes store.... installer app as of now does not work with the new update... u cant put it back on until i guess installer app people update it....
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    How do I know if I unlocked my phone?

    cool well i hope me having installer app installed doesn't mess up my iPhone because im updating right now
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    How do I know if I unlocked my phone?

    what's the point if unlocking a phone anyway?
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    How do I know if I unlocked my phone?

    I only installed installer and downloaded apps that way... Im not sure if that means its unlocked
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    MobileChat or ApolloIM

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    Summerboard 2.0 and DockSwap

    whats dockswap
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    Cancelling contract for GoPhone Pick Your Plan

    Stick to your plan. You will stck to AT&T anyways
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    ichat or AIM app?

    yeah man it sucks but I have hope that soon it can be
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    viewmymessage sucks

    wow yeah it sucks really bad
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    WTF, OMG, LOL SMS icons?

    hot as hell
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    iPhone ringtonemaker and iTunes 7.4

    what is the name of this ringtone maker or is that the name? And with that program how do I get the ringtone on my iPhone?
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    iTunes Version 7.4 Available

    yes sir! I wish something cooler came to the iPhone but oh well
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    New iTunes lets you make your own ring tones!

    what's BB?