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    Does anyone else think this new ICON...

    this is taken from looks like the app icon might change, but i doubt the app itself changes...
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    headphones Messing up

    nope... You're not. The same thing just happened to me. Left side works perfect, mic and clicker still work, but the right earphone doesn't make any noise anymore. Sucks because they were so convenient :[. Anyways... I'm wondering the same... Exchange?
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    iPhone sighted in the wild

    I work with a guy that has one and the other day I had a twelve year old girl walking around my store watching a video on one. I almost started crying a little...
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    Trouble lo"gging in to your online account?

    same problem here... it worries me because i don't think my account is set up right. i hate to call customer service to fix it, and i miss being able to log into olam to change/add/remove features when i need them :[
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    EDGE not working in Pittsburgh area?

    Still down in Tri-Cities, WA HowardForums topic:
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    Works Great on WIFI - No Server/No Edge When Away From WIFI

    this just started happening to me today. i've been browsing edge with no problem, but for some reason today, i keep getting 'no server' warnings. i've reset the phone several times, but i still cannot connect to edge. wifi works flawlessly. what's going on with the edge network? :[ EDIT...
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    Has your iPhone ever randomly go to the home screen? (please take poll)

    not always... safari crashes on me <i>constantly</i> and it's insanely aggravating. sometimes my webpages are still there when i open safari again, but most of the time they are not. safari almost always crashes on me when i click on a link trying to open a new page. when it first started...