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    Good video converter?

    I don't usually post and read most of the time. But, I have looked into this thing for a long time and used a lot of programs (paid, freeware, shareware). I agree Handbrake is good and you cannot beat free! But, my favorite is TMPGEnc Movie Style. I had used TMPGEnc products for a long time...
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    Security issue - app available?

    Look for a program that does not just hide but also can encrypt the contents.
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    Unlock iPhone - latest baseband!

    That was a question only. I was just trying to see if these offers are legit or not and if anyone had tried any of these so called solutions before paying. This is not my website or anything like that. It seems too good to be true. Thanks,
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    Unlock iPhone - latest baseband!

    Ok I know dev team states that yell0wsnow cannot unlock the latest baseband which is 2.30.03. But, now I see a whole bunch of sites offering "software" only unlock solutions without the need for any funny SIM insertions. Has anyone tried any of these? This is an example that pops up when...
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    3G unlock?

    Thanks guys... That's what I thought you would say. I guess we wait for now.
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    3G unlock?

    I have a 3g iPhone which is jail broken. I understand that there are no free software unlock solutions out there (dev team seems to be close). I am not interested in SIM workarounds either. I see a bunch of websites that advertise they can unlock 3G iPhones for $20-30! Anyone here care to...