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    How to take an iPhone to a school where phones are banned?

    we don't have metal detectors but I have my old phone with me. If my iPhone goes off I can just give them my old phone. Now that's good thinking.
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    Sending my iPhone in for service AGAIN!

    Im on my third iPhone but I have never sent it back to the repair center. I just go to the Apple store and they exchange it no problem. Why do you send it in again?
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    Will you buy iPhone II ?

    I live in a suburb of charlotte and I was looking at the ATT map a while back but I don't even think my city has 3G. So no. I would wait at least 2 years before upgrading.
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    WARNING iPhone Ringtonemaker users

    Wow what a baby. You're crying because something you know isn't gauranteed to work is having a problem. This program was $10! I spent twice that on fast food last week. Calm down its not like it was 30. These guys work hard to make it compatible and I don't blame them for not refunding. And...
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    ringtones share folder/site?

    This is a good idea but you could get in big trouble because of copyright infringement. I don't think you can knowingly share music.
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    Cannot see any Apps to install under Installer

    I think the new installer is designed for 1.1.1 and above. don't take my word for it thoigh. Why wouldn't you upgrade?
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    Jailbreak software for 1.1.2 released by Dev Team

    I don't know where to get the 1.1.1 file to downgrade.
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    Diggnation Podcast

    I am subscribed to Diggnation (Small Quicktime) and it works fine.
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    With a modded iPhone...

    Some files don't end up getting deleted but you do have to reinstall your apps.
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    NEED HELP Backing up my phone numbers please asap!

    When's the last time you synced it? Cause if you synced it like 3 days ago, as soon as you restore you will get all the numbers from the last time you synced.
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    My "NEW" phone is a "Refurb"

    I don't believe this story. Every time I have returned my iPhone the first thing the guy does is clear my memory. Its very easy to do right under settings. Even though the phones had been hacked before there is no way someone else could open it to have a different screensaver.
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    Will we ever get instant messaging?

    I've had att phones for the past 4 years and everyone before now has had IM. And yes these were cheap flip phones.
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    YouTube inactive now..?

    everyone I tried has said the movie could not be played. What about you?
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    Genius practically laughs at me over screen issues.

    im sorry i meant this...
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    Genius practically laughs at me over screen issues.

    Go to on a proper screen the box furthest left should be darkest. On my old phone that box looked like a messed up grey.
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    Genius practically laughs at me over screen issues.

    They replaced mine in 5 minutes. I showed them a website showing different black levels, we compared it to two employee phones, and they replaced it. This was in charlotte, nc.
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    More 1.1.1 Good News !

    mine has worked with my alpine since i bought it.
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    What are my options for a phone with neg. black issue?

    This has happened to me. It IS a legitimate problem. I went to, scheduled a Genius the next morning. I showed him this page. If all is working right the box furthest left should be darkest. On mine it was not because the screen was screwed up. The Apple guy compared to his phone and...
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    Games for the iPhone...If so, file size?

    First of all there is no way an iPhone game would be as big as a NDS game. DS games are made by game developers that spend months on the game. Apple is not going to spend time developing a full game and this is not a game system so its not like they are going to hire EA to make the next Need For...
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    Downgrade from 1.1.1 to 1.0.2 confirmed...

    Can you use ibrickr?