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  1. monkeysrock0622

    Oh it's like christmas and I can't sleep!

    I have to take a math test at 12:30 so I'm going to have to finish in a hurry so I can leave class early! Even though I probably won't be able to get my phone till late october (waiting for an unlocked version) I'm still super excited!
  2. monkeysrock0622

    Cracked Glass 4s - Where Should I Repair?

    Just replacing the back does not count towards your 2 "incidents". You can get the back replaced for $30 and save your 2 incidents for water damage or a cracked front. As for the fake backs, tbh as long as it is the same color and design as the original back then you can't really tell its a...
  3. monkeysrock0622

    iPhone 4 For My Son

    Sounds like the best option to me. There isn't much you can do to avoid pre month charges other than what you just said about adding him to your family plan. But it still requires that he has a data plan (which is a $15 min on most carriers).
  4. monkeysrock0622

    Buy without contract

    The prices will probably be the same (they have for the last few iPhones). The current price for unlocked iPhone 4S (16gb) is $650 USD + tax. As for the micro sim vs. nano sim question, the actual sim contact is the same size so technically you should be able to just cut it. However, I would...
  5. monkeysrock0622

    Sharing contact information

    If you mean like a contact card, no. You can tell her "Text my wife 'Call John Bennett when you get off work. His number is 636 498 5543'" I know it's not as helpful but that's the only option with Siri right now.
  6. monkeysrock0622

    Apps won't install?

    Sometimes this can be an issue with the App Store. If none of the apps are downloading/updating try restarting your phone. If that doesn't work just wait a little bit (few hours) before trying to download anything. If it still doesn't work try resetting the Network settings from your phone...
  7. monkeysrock0622

    Switch from Sprint to Verizon ?

    I do not currently have Verizon (I am still on AT&T) but I am planning on switching to them for the 5. I work at an Apple retail store and there are very few Sprint customers with iPhones compared to AT&T and Verizon. Every customer that currently has Verizon always tells me how much they love...
  8. monkeysrock0622

    Updating the store, we will be back shortly

    You have to buy AppleCare+ directly from Apple at the same time you buy your iPhone. They cannot be separate transactions.
  9. monkeysrock0622

    Updating the store, we will be back shortly

    That's not true. They wouldn't keep their entire store unavailable for 12 hours. They could just as easily take it down at 11:30 am if they planned on selling it at 12
  10. monkeysrock0622

    Sad Day, Steve Jobs has died

    I got my first Apple product when I was a freshmen in high school. Ever since that day I admired Steve Jobs and thought of him as an idol I could always look up to. I have been using Apple products as much as possible since then. I recently started working at one of Apple's retail stores...
  11. monkeysrock0622

    Apple Retail Employee

    Apple officially offered me job the other day, and I will be starting September 12th, and training the 3 days before! I can't wait, the anticipation is killing me!
  12. monkeysrock0622

    Apple Retail Employee

    It's been a while since I have posted but I thought I should share my most recent Apple experience, applying for a job at one of Apple's famous retail stores. The process is very fast but there is also a lot to do. Each interviewee goes through about 4 interviews. I was lucky enough to skip the...
  13. monkeysrock0622

    Warning to all iOS 5 users!

    Do you have a limited texting plan? I have unlimited texts and so far I haven't seen any extra fees.
  14. monkeysrock0622

    Google+ Thread

    Ill take an invite too ;)
  15. monkeysrock0622

    Apple falling behind?

    Apple could easily add a 4" screen, multicore processor, more ram, 12 MP camera, and everything else Android users brag about, but instead Apple chooses to be smart about their design process and go with a product that give the user a better experience. You cant brag about a product that doesn't...
  16. monkeysrock0622

    iOS5 + iCloud "This Fall" - Timing Woahs

    I think the annual iPod event will be replaced by an annual iOS event. Basic iPods will be discontinued and the new September event will focus on iOS software, iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches (and Apple TV if need be). The reason I say this is because the new iPod line has always been...
  17. monkeysrock0622

    iPhone 5 Specs

    I would think like scrolling, maybe zooming, gestures (back to the no home button rumors), gaming
  18. monkeysrock0622

    iPhone 5 Specs

    Dual-core A5 processor HD (720p) FaceTime camera Improved optics for rear facing camera Larger Screen...probably 3.7" with slight possibility of 4" Longer lasting battery 64GB Thinner/lighter Improved antenna design Updated design (No glass back)
  19. monkeysrock0622

    iPhone 5 release date

    Id say Late June. Apple shouldn't have to change their release schedule because of the random Verizon release date. Everyone that cares about the iPhone knows they come out early summer, including my aunt who just lets my uncle handle any type of technology in their household.
  20. monkeysrock0622

    What's the gas prices in your area?

    $3.40 here in ATL, GA. So much for that road trip back home to California for the summer, I think I'll fly instead.