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    iPhone Bluetooth headset

    My Apple bluetooth experience: I have used the Apple bluetooth and actually liked it quite a bit. First, I should say that I also like the earbuds and have used them frequently for both phone and music. I had no problems with reception or static and could keep the phone in any pocket...
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    Problem with 2 years contract?

    ============================================= The out of warranty cost is $85.95 ($79 + $6.95 shipping). You have to send in your phone and it will take a minimum of 3 businesss days to get it back. I'm pretty sure that Applecare will cover the battery also which would extend the total...
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    Existing AT&T customer upgrading q's

    ================================== I don't think there is a way out of the data plan so it will be twenty bucks on top of your current plan, but you get unlimited data and 200 text messages. The data plan starts immediately when you activate the new iPhone but will be prorated depending on...
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    iPhone screen problem? Can anyone confirm?

    =========================== Thanks for taking the time to respond. I went to the att store which is closer to my house and my screen looked like the displays in the store. I'm not sure why it looks a little different to me now. Glad it's just me...
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    iPhone screen problem? Can anyone confirm?

    After taking my iPhone off the wall charger this morning, the screen looks a little different to me--there is now a gray bar just below the att signal line at the top that goes about half way through the time display along a horizontal band from each side of the phone. There is also a similar...
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    AT&T Service shut down in OC California 92707

    I would definitely file complaints with the PUC, BBB, FCC, and the attorney general in your state. Unfortunately in this case, I'm not sure how much they can do because most cell phone contracts do include provisions that they may cancel service at any time. With continued complaints to these...
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    On A Family Plan. Family can't pay, I think I know what to do but want input.

    ========================================= I agree with the other poster about ATT potentially providing you the info you need about this. A couple of questions...are your parents defaulting on the account or are they able to pay out their balance and ETF and close out the account? Are you able...
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    Over/Under: whether Business discounts ever allowed?

    ==================================== There was a post about this in the ATT section: I have maintained my discount on the primary line, but not on the secondary (iPhone) line. It can be confusing and...
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    ===================================================== If you have a store 30 miles away, it seems weird the service wouldn't work in your area but I guess it just depends on the tower locations. Can you borrow one of your friends phones and see if it roams at your house? If it does, just stay...
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    Problem with 2 years contract?

    ================================================== Yep, the contract would start all over again. They gotcha!
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    What area do you live in? I would definitely call back again and see what they say. If it really is an area that doesn't have coverage, you may want to think twice about it. You could use a different address and see if that changes things. If you know others who have service in your area, it...
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    A couple of questions

    ===================================== The drawback of anything purchased on ebay is that you may not get what you think you are paying for. For me, I don't think the small amount you may save is worth the potential hassle if there is a problem with the transaction or the phone itself. It...
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    Will iPhone display new phone number?

    For the record, in case anyone wants to file it away...yes, the iPhone does recognize the number change on the settings display. This converted almost immediately after the porting process. As for iTunes, the ATT porting rep swore up and down that it too would recognize the new number. It...
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    Headache! At&t Misunderstood *read* Need Advice!

    ======================================== Maybe this is old news but I still have my discount on my primary line which is not an iPhone. So I guess as long as the iPhone is not the primary line the discount will be maintained. Have you found the same? Glad to hear you got the iPhone again. :)
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    AT&T Referral Program UPDATED

    I have 5 referrals also. PM me with your name and email address and we can both get $25 from ATT. Thanks.
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    GoPhone Pick Your Plan & 1.1.1.?

    ======================================= Thanks for the info. Sounds like you have been through a lot. I still haven't decided if I want to go through the hassle. Was it a pain dealing with ATT reps? I thought about doing the gophone initially also but people said they kept getting messages...
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    GoPhone Pick Your Plan & 1.1.1.?

    ============================================== A sort of related issue... Just wondering about switching your number...does your iPhone display list your new number or does it still keep the old one? Also, did you have to pay for a new sim card each time? I'm on a regular plan but thinking...
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    Will iPhone display new phone number?

    I'm finally getting rid of my sprint contact and thinking of replacing my new att number with my old sprint number. I am wondering if the iPhone display will recognize the new number and display it on the screen or will it still maintain the original att number? Is this the same for iTunes? I...
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    Has anyone got the $200 credit from Amex yet?

    My claim was submitted 9/05 and I received a $100 credit as of 9/21. This is way more than I ever expected Amex to do for its customers.
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    What did you get with your Apple Rebate?

    +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Just wondering how you like the jawbone...I'm still trying to figure out what to get with my credit. I like the sleekness of the Apple BT but heard that there were all sorts of static problems. Of course at the store, they couldn't stop raving about it.