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    Is anyone starting to hate their iPhone?

    I too have many contacts. The one thing I miss most from my palm is the ability to search the across the data, looking for the one piece of data I can't find. The othe most important thing about contacs was the ability to put them in groups. Hope there working on some of these things.
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    Bluetooth and GPS

    Thanks for confirming my conclusion. I did not purchase the phone for that purpose as I am a pilot and have access many GPS devices. It is built in to my toughbook, but that GPS is good for driving only but not for aviation. I bought the GPS10 to take care of the limited capabilities of my...
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    Bluetooth and GPS

    I have the Garmin GPS10, a protable bluetooth GPS unit. I have tried to get the phone to connect with it, hoping this would make the map function. Has anyone else tried a GPS. Maybe I just don't know how to use the mapping function, I am open to instructions. I live in NM and I don't seem to...
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    what ou guys think about this case?

    I tried the clear cover I was in the Apple store when this case came in. We took it from the box(first time for sales people also) and put it on my phone. It seemed at first to be really good, but the more I put it to the test the less I liked it. The corners would get caught and it would...