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  1. cindra

    Napoleon's Spelling and Grammar Peeves Thread!

    I missed it, too. I started back at page 1 and read through everything. Now, my peeve is that in the posts where the emoticons don't show, it reads tounge instead of tongue. :ROFLMAO:
  2. cindra

    Washed-out, faded-looking screen bug?

    I get this too, but I've got the 4S so it may be OS related, or hardware common to both models perhaps?
  3. cindra

    Are we missing a report spam option?

    Thanks, Kadelic. I must have overlooked it. I guess I expected it over by the Like, Reply, and all the other post options. :)
  4. cindra

    Are we missing a report spam option?

    I was going to report a few spam posts, but found no way to do so. Did the report post feature go missing?
  5. cindra

    First car.

    1969 Ford Falcon (Not my picture but same color)
  6. cindra

    Government Alerts

    I've got them in iOS 6 on iPhone 4S Virgin Mobile.
  7. cindra

    Who's getting the new iPhone? (Poll)

    I'm not sure on this one. I have the 4, so it would be a pretty good upgrade, BUT: I carry the phone in my front pocket. With the thinner, longer form factor I feel like it would snap in half or something; it seems fragile. I think I'd really have to hold it in my hands and see how it...
  8. cindra

    If you could bring a dead rock star back to life

    John Entwistle
  9. cindra

    Name of our website

    Looks a bit like you're selling a coffeemaker, not a phone forum.
  10. cindra

    Looking for a password keeper/manager

    I use 1Password on my MacBookPro and my iPhone and I've been satisfied with it.
  11. cindra

    What are you doing? Part III

    Another great singer you might not have heard of. ;)
  12. cindra

    Weekly Photo Contest: May 14th - 20th: Summer Sunshine

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! :)
  13. cindra

    Weekly Photo Contest: May 14th - 20th: Summer Sunshine

    <off topic> Benny: What is the baby saying in Italian to the guy in the other car in the Fiat 500 commercial? </off topic> It'sdrivingmenuts!
  14. cindra

    Snowtrooper1966 son's heart

    I'm guessing a third boy for your family would be named Kirk? It would be pretty cool to have James, Tiberius, & Kirk.
  15. cindra

    NFL 2012 Regular Season Schedules Released

    GO PACK!
  16. cindra

    Song of the Day

    Another variation. I love these guys, all of their covers are incredible.
  17. cindra

    Am I the only one not using a screen protector?

    I have a protector on the back, but naked on the front. Put one on the front once, but couldn't stand the feel of it. On the back it's nice because it makes it a little more grippy, too, and less likely to get dropped.
  18. cindra

    What's your drink of choice?

    Unsweet tea. If we're having alcohol, Tanqueray & tonic with a twist of lime. Or a cold Woodchuck on a hot day is good.
  19. cindra

    Local, state national news!

    Sorry, Bennyboy. :(
  20. cindra

    official NFL 2011/12 season thread

    I believe that's what I said.