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  1. EJW2202

    Comex jailbreak released

    hmm.... I can get MyWi 4.0 to work with wifi tether on both osx and windows 7 on my macbook pro with an iPhone 4 but I still don't understand how to get the usb tether to work. Unless like mmayo2112 said, maybe its just doesn't work on an iPhone 4.
  2. EJW2202

    Instructions to Unlock/Jailbreak V1 iPhone and jailbreak 3G iPhone for windows users

    What if i just want to jailbreak a V1 not unlock?
  3. EJW2202

    Who's not buying a 3G iPhone?

    I'm not going to buy one because I already have a perfectly good gps in my car and I don't need to track a route and I never really use the internet on the phone for anything major besides looking things up quickly anyways. Plus it sounds like the battery life is going to be bad. The only people...
  4. EJW2202

    Showtime (1.1.4)

    Does this get sound too or just video? I'm really digging this program though.
  5. EJW2202

    3 Customize 2.0 Invites!

    I'd like one too. :laugh2:
  6. EJW2202

    What you learned since joining EIC

    I learned the iPhone only has one speaker. lol jk
  7. EJW2202

    How to easily jailbreak 1.1.3 with the FULL jailbreak (Windows/Mac)

    Worked like a charm. Thanks again.
  8. EJW2202

    How to easily jailbreak 1.1.3 with the FULL jailbreak (Windows/Mac)

    When you do the restore should you activate it or leave it at the slide for emergency screen?
  9. EJW2202

    How to easily jailbreak 1.1.3 with the FULL jailbreak (Windows/Mac)

    Does the jailbreak still have the problems with syncing contacts and using the finder on google maps or has all of that been fixed. I haven't checked on these things in a while.
  10. EJW2202

    Upgraded 1.1.3's Not Meant to be Downgraded! (fuhruhstated!)

    I'm still not sure if i want to do this. Is there any way that if i screw up i might loose the phone functionality or is there always a way back? The reason I say this is because my phone became bricked when i upgraded a jailbroken not unlocked 1.0.2 to 1.1.1 and got bricked. Luckily Apple...
  11. EJW2202

    Vibrate/Ring Switch Reversed Now since 1.1.3 firmware?

    It's because you either have the vibrate on when you are in silent or have it on when the volume is on. If you have the vibrate on while in silent, whenever you flip it to silent it will vibrate and when flip the volume back on it will not do anything. Vice-versa if the vibrate is off in silent.
  12. EJW2202

    What phone would you be using if the iPhone didn't exist?

    I would have either upgraded to an AT&T Tilt or the Nokia N95.
  13. EJW2202

    Condition of your iPhone?

    I just got an agent 18 case yesterday and I love it. As for my iPhone's condition, 1 nick on the back and a few scratches on the chrome bezel.
  14. EJW2202

    Playing music on an Xbox 360

    It may work hopefully but I thought the recent update would have fixed this but it didn't. :angry:
  15. EJW2202

    BrainTraining on iPhone (finally!)

    I don't see it on there.
  16. EJW2202

    Jailbreak/Unlock a brand new 1.1.1 iPhone without using a computer! The FINAL guide

    Someone has to use AppSnapp on one of the demo units at the stores. That would be so funny. :)
  17. EJW2202

    Jailbreak 100 Auto, via THE WEB

    Did you make sure that you got BSD Subsystem? I didn't have that at first and all my apps crashed also. After you put in BSD Subsystem it lets everything work.
  18. EJW2202

    Jailbreak - 1 step - no software download - Mac or PC!

    I am having trouble with running apps. The only one that seems to work so far is the mines game. Other than that everything I put on crashes. I really want lights out.
  19. EJW2202

    Jailbreak - 1 step - no software download - Mac or PC!

    This jailbrake doesn't change your IMEI number right? Also, are you still able to restore through iTunes without it getting bricked? I only ask this because my last phone got bricked and I didn't unlocked it. Now I am overly cautious about modding again.