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  1. ahduke99

    iPhone OS v3.0 Release TIME for Tomorrow

    As i said in another thread, last year the file for 2.0 appeared around 4am EST, but the official through iTunes didn't come out until midday. I'm hoping it is launched early morning too, but I expect it will be around lunch time again.
  2. ahduke99

    3.0 released at what time?

    Last year, 2.0 was released somewhere around 4am EST if I recall. I know I woke up and it was out and the Appstore was up. Actually, I think it was posted on Apple's servers early, but it wasn't officially out till the afternoon on iTunes.
  3. ahduke99

    Anyone Restore 3.0 from Backup and keep Utube?

    I 'upgraded' and my Youtube has worked fine. I never restored my phone.
  4. ahduke99

    3.0 regrets?

    It's been fine so far. It doesn't seem much slower than my phone did when it was jailbroken. The iPod definitely is sluggish, but apparently Beta 2 is coming any day now, so I'll hang in there till it's out. I hope it fixes a lot of the current issues and increases the speed of the OS.
  5. ahduke99

    OS 3.0 Beta Incompatible 3rd Party Apps

    Facebook works fine for me. Ambiance is the only app so far that I've found to crash on startup.
  6. ahduke99

    Worth it updating to 3.0?

    Right. Nothing they do tells them it's jailbroken. I've gotten it replaced when there was still traces of jailbreaking on it and they didn't seem to care.
  7. ahduke99

    i am about to install 3.0 beta

    Will we receive 3.0 updates through iTunes now or from the Dev site? Reason I ask if because I'm on someone else's Dev account and I didn't want to have to rely on that person to get updates from.
  8. ahduke99

    PUSH in 3.0

    Does PUSH work in the 3.0 beta for anything? I'm registered for the beta and all, but I don't know if I want to install it. Does PUSH work for anything right now, or will I have to wait for app updates for it to work?
  9. ahduke99

    iPhone Software 3.0 Official Discussion Thread

    One thing's for sure.... they BETTER have some sort of followup on PUSH, whether it be background apps or something. It's ridiculous that we can't run things like IM applications in the background.
  10. ahduke99

    NCAA Basketball on the iPhone? This may show the games during March.
  11. ahduke99

    NCAA Basketball on the iPhone?

    I don't think so. It's possible CBS or College Sports TV will release an app that allows streaming since they do it online during the tournament, but as of now there's nothing.
  12. ahduke99

    AIM is changing?

    It's better than it used to be. I like the fact that it incorporates the AddressBook. However, Beejive still works better with Backgrounder. AIM still lacks badges for messages, which annoys me.
  13. ahduke99

    Where on earth is AIM 2.0?

    Well, they said in the video that they were going to have a free ad supported version and then a $3 version with no ads and would remain connected for 24 hours and notify you.
  14. ahduke99

    Where on earth is AIM 2.0?

    This was announced at Macworld and was supposed to come out "any day now." For $3 it keeps you connected and sends SMS/email to notify you, plus it's integrated with addressbook. Anyway, has anyone heard anything about its status? It's nearly the end of February and no sign of it.
  15. ahduke99

    Google Sync Beta for iPhone

    Without PUSH Gmail, I'll stick with Mobile Me.
  16. ahduke99

    I got Emoticons on stock!

    I just DFU restored my jailbroken 2.2.1 iPhone and I still have them on stock. I'm not sure if it was enabled in my backup or what. I haven't installed anything that would enable it otherwise.
  17. ahduke99

    New iPhone software 2.2.1?

    Safari hasn't crashed on me in this firmware version. Other than that, there isn't much new.
  18. ahduke99

    New iPhone software 2.2.1?

    Very little has changed. Safari hasn't crashed on me in 2.2.1, but nothing noticeable will make you want to upgrade. NO new features to speak of..
  19. ahduke99

    3.0 Rumor

    I've always jailbroken, but backgrounder was always hit and miss when it came to BeeJive. It was more reliable just to use the PUSH email method than opening it and leaving it. My JB device's battery life was hindered a great deal as well, but it may have been because of MobileSubstrate running...
  20. ahduke99


    I like this app. I just wish it didn't make Mail and Phone open so strangely. The menu bar appears first and it seems slow to open. The rest of the apps are fine. It's nice to be able to run BeeJive in the background.